17 The Empress – Peh- Venus

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The Empress divinatory meanings

Divinatory Meanings of The Empress in the Elemental Positions

Fire Position

Water Position

Air Position

Earth Position

The Empress in the Hebrew Alphabet

  • P – Venus
  • H – Aries

Peh means a mouth, value 80. 

The Empress in Astrology

Venus rules Taurus, Libra, and Friday

The Empress in Liber 231

The Virgin of God is enthroned upon an oystershell; she is like a pearl, and seeketh Seventy to her Four. In her heart is Hadit the invisible glory.

Heptarchical King and Prince of Friday

Heptarchical King of Friday

(B) Aligon

Heparchical Prince of Friday

Prince (B) Ornogo

Powers of The Empress in the Enochian Watchtowers

Water Watchtower

11 ICH

32 Vsnarda: Consecration, magickal links, new enterprises to influence others. Friendship, success and romance

Country: Greece

Fire Watchtower

13 ZIM

37 Gecaond: Healing disease or injury. Strengthen the Nephesh. Inaugurating a new enterprise. The Holy Graal. Love unites will

Area: Southern Greece

Air Watchtower

20 KHR

59 Parziba: Bilocation. Truth and knowledge. Works of evocation. Passive balance. Feminine viewpoint

Country: Tunisia

Earth Watchtower

28 BAG

82 Labnixp: Love-philtres. Seeing the big picture

Area: Scythian Sea

The Empress Archetype: Great Mother

The Empress as Individuation



In Alchemy this Key is the stage of Solution. Solution is when Matter is dissolved in a liquid as a result of the previous step of Sublimation. The pregnant lady, the Empress, is about to give birth to the Green Lion, which is a solvent. This will be a twin birth, with the Green Lion dissolving its twin when he appears. This process will elevate the raising of the matter to the upper part of the vessel. This is shown in this card by the dove flying above the Empress.

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02 The Universe – Beth – Saturn

02 The Universe – Beth – Saturn

Divinatory meanings of 2 The Universe Manifestation of something – see the surrounding cards for clues. Emigration. The subject of the question. Place Everything has its place. When things become displaced, they no longer function as they should, or they take on the...

03 Fortune – Gimel – Jupiter

03 Fortune – Gimel – Jupiter

In the Middle Ages Fortune represents the fickleness of life; the richest, most powerful person could find himself in the gutter, penniless and friendless in an instant. Today we see Jupiter in a more optimistic light – things will get better.

04 The Tower – Daleth – Mars

04 The Tower – Daleth – Mars

The Tower is depicted as hit by lightning and crumbling to the ground. Daleth means a door, the means for entering or leaving a room or building. The Martian energy breaks down structures. In the process of individuation this is breaking down of the family bonds that hold us back from being ourself.

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