03 Fortune – Gimel – Jupiter

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Divinatory meanings of the Fortune Tarot Card

In the Middle Ages Fortune represents the fickleness of life; the richest, most powerful person could find himself in the gutter, penniless and friendless in an instant. Today we see Jupiter in a more optimistic light – things will get better.

The Fortune card has the representation of the wheel with three figures. In Hindu philosophy these are the three gunas, strands of life, Rajas, Tamas and Sattva.

Fortune in the four Elemental positions

Fire Position

A transformation in the past that the querent may or may not remember.

Water Position

The desire for transformation and change in the life of the querent.

Air Position

Avoidance of transformation and change. The need for the querent to arrange her life.

Earth Position

Transformation and change that is happening or will happen presently.

Fortune and the Hebrew Alphabet

Gimel – 73

Gimel is the 3rd letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Gimel means a camel, ship of the desert. Gimel is the synthesis of Aleph and Beth.

  • G – Jupiter
  • M – Water
  • L – Libra

Water appears for the first time, surrounded by the benefic Jupiter and Libra

Permutation of 3

The Fool, The Universe

Permutation of 73

Fortune and Devil

Fortune in Hebrew

TzDQ 194

Righteous, equity, Justice.

QLMYTH magnetic stone

Fortune in Astrology

Jupiter, rules Sagittarius and Pisces, and Thursday.

Fortune in Liber 231

Now then the Father of all issued as a mighty wheel; the Sphinx, and the dog-headed god, and Typhon, were bound to his circumference.

Heptarchical King and Prince of Thursday

Heptarchical King of Thursday

King (B) Ynepor

Heptarchical Prince of Thursday

Prince (B) Lisdon

Powers of Fortune in the Enochian Watchtowers

Water Watchtower


3 Valgars: Works of thaumaturgy. Works to produce ‘signs’ or ‘evidence’. Carefree love and pleasure.

Country: North Iraq

Agrippa: Mercury, Gemini

Angelic King: Alpvdus

Air Watchtower

15 OXO

45 Tastoxo: Funerary and death rites. Amusement, fun.

Country: Garamantica Phazania

Agrippa: Saturn, Aquarius

Angelic King: Arfaolg

Fire Watchtower


18 Zirzird: To achieve at whatever cost. Continual change – find the still centre

Area: North East Iran

Agrippa: Venus, Taurus

Angelic King: Gebabal

Earth Watchtower

23 TOR

68 Onizimp: Power of acquiring Political and other Ascendency. Change of fortune

Country: Iran

Agrippa: Mercury, Virgo

Angelic King: Lavavoth



The Alchemical Stage that this Key represents is Sublimation. This takes place when matter is placed in a container (usually with a long neck and over heat). Vapour or essence is then extracted from the matter and remains in the top of the neck of the flask for a short time and then descends back down the tube into the Matter again at the bottom of the flask. Now the whole process is a cyclic action which is shown by the Wheel in the Key. Part of the essence is taken from the matter, is strengthened – which is shown by a fusion of the Elements in the form of the Sphinx, then returned to it, making the matter changed in its composition. The ape shown at the bottom of the wheel is the measurer and balancer of the Philosophers Fire, which burns underneath an apparatus in which the substance is being sublimated. This is the key to the Wheel


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