The 19th Aethyr POP explored by Aleister Crowley

How many Tarot cards are mentioned in Crowley's account of the 19th Aethyr POP, which relates to the High Priestess. The letters of POP are Lust - Adjustment - Lust.In this video Bart and Paul relate Crowley's Notes with his account to illuminate the text.

30th Aethyr TEX and the Tarot

A workshop on the 30th Aethyr TEX explored by Aleister Crowley in Mexico 1900.One of the morals of the story is not to believe everything you are told!

The Black Brothers and Black Magic

Crowley mentions the mysterious Black Brothers in a number of his books and Libers, particularly The Vision and the Voice. In fact, the Black Brothers are discussed in the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light who were active at the same time as the Golden Dawn. There ris a...

Developing your Psychic Superpowers

We all have the ability to perceive beyond the five senses, but often we distrust our powers because we are trying to "prove it" in some way. In this Workshop we explore the most common experiences that can be mystical or abstract, and how we use those experiences to...

The Grimoire Encyclopaedia

An excerpt from a workshop on grimoires. The structure of The Grimoire Encyclopaedia Volume 1 and 2 by David Rankine is highly recommended and it will keep students studying for years to come!

Hierarchies of Angels

The Hierarchies of Angels is key to understanding the Magical Grimoires as used by the Golden Dawn

The Knowledge Structure of the Golden Dawn

A workshop on the structure and levels of the Golden Dawn for Tarot readers and students who are not members of the GD!Getting the big picture is key, otherwise its easy to get lost in the system.

The Trees of Eternity Workshop

The Trees of Eternity is a phrase from Liber AL Chapter 1 verse 59, quoted in The Star card and the first section of Nightside of Eden by Kenneth Grant

Colour Magick Introduction

Aleister Crowley's comments on colour and its uses in the Tarot bring fascinating insights into how he developed his deck. This video is the introduction to the longer video on the History of Colour in magick.

The Historical development of Colour Magick

The Colour Scales of the Tarot cards are based upon Grimoires and Masonic texts. In this workshop we explore the historical basis of colour as used in Ritual magick down the ages.