Pathworking the Death Card

Bart discusses his researches on the Death card including alchemy and transformations. We muse on the transient nature of symbols - their meaning changes.

Deceptive Visions explained and how to deal with them

It is very easy to be deceived by your visions, especially the flashy ones! We discuss the power of transient visions and how to catch and develop them. Aleister Crowley had a few things to say on the subject in Liber Aleph.

Dreams and the Power of Will

Finally we made the video that never saved! We have dreams every night, and these dreams are brilliant material for developing magick and spirituality. Bart and I discuss the nature of dreams using Aleister Crowley's writings.

Art, Alchemy and Tarot readings

The plan was to pair Art with The Lovers, but we ran out of time, so this is only on the Art card, with bit about The Lovers (see, we couldn't exclude it even when we tried!). We also found it difficult to talk only on the Art card, but its all relevant...So... this...

Pathworking the Tower card

Bart's journey takes him into the Tower, and he has some shocking experiences - you will never see this card in the same light!

How to read the Book of Thoth

Here is something I have been writing on the Book of Thoth## CapitalizationPay attention to capitalized words - they are often part of a phrase to be investigated. Some words, such as MANIFESTATION and CONE refer to important concepts.## ConstantsCrowley sees the 78...

Opening of the Key Tarot Meditation

A guided meditation on the OOTK Tarot spread demonstrating the vast space from Pole Star to the cosmos.PRACTICAL Z. PREPARATION FOR DIVINATIONBy G. H. FRATER Sub SpeThe Preparation for Divination — Opening Ceremony of 0 = 0 The Temple is the Aura or Sphere of...