04 The Tower – Daleth – Mars

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Divinatory meanings of the Tower

The Tower is depicted as hit by lightning and crumbling to the ground. Daleth means a door, the means for entering or leaving a room or building. The Martian energy breaks down structures. In the process of individuation this is breaking down of the family bonds that hold us back from being ourself.

The Tower in the elemental positions

Fire Position

Previous trauma known or unknown to the querent. The effects of this trauma still affecting the querent

Water Position

The desire or need for the client to work on previous trauma. Problems in desire for particular actions due to previous trauma.

Air Position

Avoidance in dealing with past traumas.

Earth Position

Projection of previous traumas onto the future causing the querent to re-live or maintain those traumas.

The Tower in the Hebrew Alphabet

Daleth is the 4th Hebrew letter, and four is the number of the cross, balance and harmony.

  • D – Mars
  • L – Libra
  • Th – Moon

Libra gives a moderating and balancing function, while the Moon brings fulfilment.

DLTh – 434

A door. A well. The womb.

Daleth – 4


Permutation of 4

  • The Fool, Fortune

The Tower in Astrology

Mars ruling Aries and Scorpio, and Tuesday

Mars in Hebrew


Permutation of 95

The Emperor, The Star

The Tower in Liber 231

He smote the towers of wailing; he brake them in pieces in the fire of
his anger, so that he alone did escape from the ruin thereof.

Heptarchical King and Prince of Mars and Tuesday

Heptarchical King

King (B) Abalel

Heptarchical Prince

Prince (B) Utmono

Powers of The Tower in the Four Watchtowers

Water Watchtower


4 Doagnis: Transformation, change of circumstance. Renunciation of love. Arguments

Country: Turkey

Agrippa: Mars, Scorpio

Fire Watchtower


19 Opmacas: Mirror magick. Sex magick. Psychological perception. Understanding the astral. Escape from trapped feelings.

Country: West Sahara

Agrippa: Mars, Scorpio

Air Watchtower

16 LEA

46 Cucarpt: White Work. New skills or power. Destruction of plans

Countries: Poland, Russia

Agrippa: Saturn, Aquarius

Earth Watchtower

23 TOR

69 Zaxanin: Works of Wrath and Vengeance. Danger, death

Geography: beyond Greenland.

The Tower attributions in Alchemy

Archetypes of The Tower

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