18 The Star – Tzaddi – Aquarius

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The Star Divinatory Meanings

Divinatory Meanings of The Star in the Elemental Positions

Fire Position

Water Position

Air Position

Earth Position

The Star in the Hebrew Alphabet

  • Tz – Aquarius
  • D – Mars
  • Y – Virgo

Tzaddi means a fish-hook, related to Aquarius. Tzaddi has the value of 90

TzDY 104

Fear. Whisper, murmur. Curse. To burn. Likeness.

Permutation of 104

The Tower, The Moon

TzDY 90

To Wound, insult. Destroy.  King

 Empty well. To Pour. Water (MYM). Perfect, burnt offering. Pillar. Strength. A lamb. Desert, ruins.

Permutations of 90

  • The Hermit, The Empress
  • The Sun, The Devil
  • Justice, Art
  • Death, Hanged Man

Astrological attribution of the Star


Hebrew name of Aquarius

DLY, A bucket, 44

Aries, a lamb, ram. Flame. Move in a circle. Blood. A garment.

Permutation of 44

The Tower, The Hanged Man

The Star in Liber 231

Powers of The Star in the Enochian Watchtowers

Water Watchtower

22 LIN

65 Lazdixi: Astrology. Hope, love, yearning (A.KA. PARAOAN)

Area: North African Coast

Agrippa: Mercury, Gemini

Fire Watchtower

13 ZIM

37 Gecaond: Resurrection, regeneration. Clairvoyance, visions and dreams

Area: South Greece

Agrippa: Mercury, Gemini

Air Watchtower

20 KHR

60 Totocan: Magical use of the creative arts

Area: Italy

Agrippa: Sun, Leo

Earth Watchtower

28 BAG

83 Focisni: Astrology. Unexpected help, renewal

Country: Yemen

Agrippa: Jupiter, Sagittarius

The Star Archetype

The Star in Individuation

The Polarity between man and his Star.



The Alchemical stage of the Star is the Congelation process. This is where an object is thickened or gelled and is likened to ice over water, for within it, it contains a fluid substance. When the surface is broken the essence flows out. This is analogous to this Key where the hard surface of the Star is shown above and the liquefaction of the matter is shown below.


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