16 The Devil – Oyn Capricorn

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Divinatory Meanings of The Devil

Divinatory Meanings of The Devil in the Elemental Positions

Fire Position

Water Position

Air Position

Earth Position

The Devil and Hebrew Letter AIN

  • O – Capricorn
  • Y – Virgo
  • N – Scorpio

Ain is Capricorn, value 70. Ain means an eye or a well.

OYN – 130

Assemble, ladder. Likeness or image. To screech. Prophecies. Ruins. Pillars.

Permutations of 130

  • Justice, The Moon
  • The Hanged Man, The Star
  • Death, Empress
  • Art, The Devil

O – 70

A letter. Wine, night. Drag along. A session. Watchtower. Judge.  Cheese.

Permutations of 70

  • The Hermit, Art
  • The Sun, Death
  • Justice, The Hanged Man

The Devil in astrology


Capricorn in Hebrew

GDY – a Goat 17

A dream. Seethe, rage. Sacrificed. Circle, orbit. To burst out. Fish. Nuts. A fly.

Permutations of 17

  • The Lovers, Lust
  • The Hierophant, The Hermit

The Devil in Liber 231

Then the Lord Khem arose, He who is holy among the highest, and set up his crowned staff for to redeem the universe.

Powers of The Devil in the Enochian Watchtowers

Water Watchtower

11 IKH

31 Molpand: Equilibrium out of unrest. Transubstantiation, consecrating talismans. Obsession and temptation. Ecstasy

Area: Around the Black Sea

Agrippa: Moon, Cancer

Fire Watchtower

12 LOE

36 Ambriol: Red work. For renown and dominion. Doing your Will

Areas: Tigris and Euphrates

Agrippa: Sun, Leo

Air Watchtower

20 KHR

58 Zildron: Reforming influence upon the earth. Creative action, without thought for the result

Areas: Antarctica, Australia

Earth Watchtower

27 ZAA

81 Orpanib: The Witches Sabbath, so called, the Evil Eye. Unscrupulous ambition, strength

Area: Sinai

Agrippa: Saturn/Venus, Aquarius, Taurus

The Devil Archetypes

The Devil and Individuation



Alchemically the Devil symbolises Cibation. Cibation is the concept of wetting or feeding dry matter. It is part of the integration process where it impregnated itself. It’s own liquid has been dropped into it’s own dried matter and in this way feeding itself, eating its own flesh (sometimes called the Peacock’s flesh). This is also eating its own tail which is called the Urobos. The metamorphosis that takes place is associated to this Key in the sense that it is self renewal, but still limited to a category where one part is life sustaining for the other. Hence the limitation, shown by the two figures (brother and sister or twins) which are restricted by chains. Like the devil, this action shows the eating of their own Spirit

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Insights of Death card in Therapy

Insights of Death card in Therapy

The Death card can mean a death or a transformation, but it is not always clear which. In this reading both meanings were applicable to the same situation.

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