Tarot Deck

Tarot Deck

A Tarot deck is composed of 78 cards usually broken down into Major, Minor and Court cards. There are many themes, but I focus on the Golden Dawn, Book of Thoth and my own tarot deck.

Pathworking the Tower card

Bart's journey takes him into the Tower, and he has some shocking experiences - you will never see this card in the same light!

How to read the Book of Thoth

Here is something I have been writing on the Book of Thoth## CapitalizationPay attention to capitalized words - they are often part of a phrase to be investigated. Some words, such as MANIFESTATION and CONE refer to important concepts.## ConstantsCrowley sees the 78...

Opening of the Key Tarot Meditation

A guided meditation on the OOTK Tarot spread demonstrating the vast space from Pole Star to the cosmos.PRACTICAL Z. PREPARATION FOR DIVINATIONBy G. H. FRATER Sub SpeThe Preparation for Divination — Opening Ceremony of 0 = 0 The Temple is the Aura or Sphere of...

Bart and Paul Introduce an advanced view of the OOTK

Deeper aspects of the OOTK spread rising from the Golden Dawn system of magick. We look into the basis of the spread in the 0=0 Neophyte Ceremony. It wasn't supposed to be a podcast - for some reason only the audio recorded!

Crowley’s reading list and exercises

# LIBER E VEL EXERCITIORVMSVB FIGVRÂ IXV A∴A∴ Publication in Class B Issued by Order : D.D.S.7° = 4° PræmonstratorO.S.V.6° = 5° ImperatorN.S.F.5° = 6° Cancellarius## I 1. It is absolutely necessary that all experiments should be recorded in detail during, or...

Origins of the Naples Arrangement

Aleister Crowley considered The Naples Arrangement to be his greatest achievement, more important than The Book of the Law even. So where did it come from (apart from Naples obviously...)? Here is the technique:MEDITATION No. 1 Let the Neophyte consider a point as...

The Book of Thoth and Science

Aleister Crowley knew his science, demonstrated none more so than in the Book of Thoth. From the geometry of the Naples Arrangement where the sephiroth have been reduced to points representing the development of Hadith (point) and Nuit (space), to the non-euclidean...