Tarot and Sexuality

Sexuality is all over the tarot. Lets face it, tarot readings are for adults. The main subjects in a reading revolve around relationships, money, work, and travel. Clients want to know about their love life in particular, and sometimes the questions are direct.

The Tarot and sexuality

The Major Arcana are the best for exploring sexuality, particularly when combined with several courts who may represent the client and the person they are interested in.

As in every tarot reading, context is paramount. For some women, knowing that they are going to meet a ‘gentleman friend’ is as far as the reader needs to go. Others want more details – these are the ones that push for information. I remember a woman in a new relationship asking about her lover. Most prominent was the Devil, so I casually mentioned bondage… her eyes lit up and misted over in reverie of her expectations.

This list is not exhaustive, nor is it guaranteed right in every situation. Some of the practices are illegal depending on where you live. It is not the purpose of the tarot reader to advocate any of these practices either.

The list is created entirely without any reference to the Tree of Life, using my imagination. I have not used all the suggestions in a reading. I have not defined the divinatory meanings in terms of reversals – it is up to you to decide if you need reversals to fine tune your interpretation.

If you have any suggestions or enhancements, please contact me.

The Fool

Losing virginity. 

A new lover who takes you to new levels of sexuality and spirituality. 

Going beyond one’s sexual experience into new areas.

New or original sexual experiences.

An exciting or unpredictable lover.

The Magician

Reading or writing about sex. 

Letters, email, texting a lover. Telephone sex.



Publishing a book on sexuality  or pornography.

The High Priestess

Fluctuations in sexual energy.

Traveling long distance to meet a sexual partner.

Using intercourse to explore spirituality. 

Renunciation of sex.

Practising abstinence.

The Empress

 Passionate indulgence. 

Sex for procreation,  creativity, or with a married or status woman. 


The Emperor

Sex with an older partner, an employer, politician, military person or status individual or that involves domination or strict rules.

Dressing up in uniform. 

Sexuality to gain promotion. 

Laying down the law, or strict rules on sexuality.

Parental advice on sex.

The Hierophant

Sex within marriage or teaching an inexperienced partner, or a religious person, priest, etc.

Conventional, unadventurous, perfunctory or passionless sex. 

Proposal of marriage.

Wife swapping. 

Religious advice on love and sexuality.

The Lovers

Exploring between lovers. 

Lovers who are very similar in outlook, interests.

Lovers who are neighbours.

Writing love  letters, emails, texting or phoning a lover.

Love between siblings.

News about a lover.

The Chariot

Dominating or controlling sex. 

Sex on some form of transport – the ‘Mile High Club’. 

Sexual obsession with a parent.


Lust or Strength

A passionate love affair. 


Sex magick

Sex with royalty or to raise one’s status. 

Taking risks.

An orgy

The Hermit


A secret lover.



A secret passion or obsession for someone – secrets.

Feeling alone. Affair with a work colleague.


Wheel of Fortune

Sex for political gain – with or between politicians or a wealthy or powerful person.

A change in partner. 

A whirlwind romance.

Justice or Adjustment

A legal marriage.

Looking for an aesthetically pleasing or beautiful playmate.

Sex with a lawyer, solicitor,

judge, older partner or foreigner.

The legal aspects of sexuality.


Demanding conjugal rights.

Finding a lover at a wedding or legal establishment.

The Hanged Man

Suffering in silence.

Sexual submission.

An abusive relationship. Making sacrifices for a partner.

Fruitless waiting for the person to come into one’s life. Loss.

Death of a partner. Abortion.


Death of a partner An intense relationship.

Sex for money or in secret places. Sexual disease. 

Discovering secrets.

Art or Temperance

Sex as a higher or spiritual calling or with a Guru. 

Holiday romances, or a foreign partner. 

Complicated sexual relationships involving several partners.

The inability to manage or cope with a relationship.

Filming or photographing pornography.

The Tower

A dominating, violent, oppressive, abusive or disintegrating relationship.

Sex with someone in the military.

Discovering shocking aspects to a partner’s sexuality.

Realising a partner is not faithful.

Scandal in high places.

The Devil

An intense or suffocating relationship. 


A corporate or business love affair. 

The sex industry. A brothel.

Desire for domination or subjugation. 

Being tied up.

Obsession with one’s boss or superior.

The Star

Inspirational sex. Seeing someone as a friend and not a lover. 

Desiring a love affair with a friend or acquaintance.


Unconventional relationships.


Finding a lover at a social event. An orgy.


People with a similar sexual outlook. Fetishists.

Fetish party

The Sun

Sex with a rich or famous person for publicity and fame.

A happy stable sexual relationship.

The Moon

Sexual fantasies or phobias.

Confusion about relationships.


Ambiguous sexuality.


Judgement or Aeon

Making a decisions on a relationship.

Inability to deal with issues in a relationship.

Problems with timing.

Not enough time for a relationship.

The wrong time for a relationship, or there is never time for a relationship.


Universe or World

End of a love affair.

Meeting one’s desire.

The object of one’s obsession.

Love affair on holiday or a foreign country.


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