21 Aion – Shin – Fire

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Aion Divinatory Meanings

Aion speeds up or delays timings.


The appearance of Aion brings the organizing principle of Time, where the priority is to the First, not to the last. For example the problems experienced by the Second Wife relate to the First Wife.

Divinatory Meanings of the Aion in the Elemental Positions

Fire Position

A powerful influence from the past, known or unknown to the querent. Problems with events not happening at the expected time.

Water Position

The need  for time. Learning from the past.

Air Position

Inability to learn aspects of time. Problems with time.

Earth Position

Preparations for the future events

Aion in Hebrew Alphabet

  • Sh – Fire
  • Y – Virgo
  • N – Scorpio

Shin  is fire or spirit. Shin means a tooth

ShYN – 360

To Sleep. Ancient. Earth. Glow, burn. Thunder. Messiah.

Permutation of Shin

Art, Aion

Shin – 300

To Form, to transmit. A net. Separation. Phoenix. Depths.

Permutation of 300

The Moon, The Magician

Aion in Astrology


Fire in Hebrew

ASh – 301

Call. Earth. Fortress.  Candlestick.

Permutations of 301

The Fool, Aion

Aion in Liber 231

Then also the Pyramid was builded so that the initiation might be complete.

Powers of Aion in the Enochian Watchtowers

Water Watchtower

30 TEX

90 Advorpt: Performing actions anonymously. Actions as an act of love

Country: Crete

Agrippa: Mercury, Virgo

Air Watchtower

21 ASP

63 Vixpalg: Establish/maintain peace, inward or outward. Avoid bad luck and enemies’ weapons. Final decision or judgement

Area: Southern Turkey

Agrippa: Mars, Scorpio

Fire Watchtower

14 VTA

41 Viuipos: Love charms. Increase in personal attractiveness or popularity. Acts involving worship

Area: Eastern Turkey

Earth Watchtower

29 RII

86 Odraxti: Evocation, Pyromancy. Learn from the past and prepare for the future

Area: Africa

Agrippa: Moon, Cancer 

Aion Archetype

The Apocalypse

Aion in Individuation

Carl Jung wrote an entire book on Aion

The alchemical process of Rubedo

As fire, the card represents libido, psychic energy. Agni the god of Fire, is the mediator between heaven and earth. Fire also equates with soma, the drink of immortality, hence the concept of spirit and time. Soma relates to Eucharistic blood or body of Christ. There is great intensity and power.

Cyclical patterns (as opposed to finality of the Christian theme of the Resurrection).


Alchemically this card, Judgement, is the stage of Purification, which in itself comprises a variety of smaller alchemical stages. It refers to separating the solids or faeces from the liquid so that regen- eration can occur. This is shown very adequately in this key by the division of Land and water-Liquid and solid, with a regenerating figure emerging from a coffin. Purification is continuous where Separation leaves off and takes the three components of Sulphur, Salt and Mercury, punfylng them to a very high degree. On another level, it is the individual component of Sulphur, the Soul.


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