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The High Priestess divinatory meanings

Divinatory Meanings of The High Priestess in the Four Elements

Fire Position

Water Position

Air Position

Earth Position

The High Priestess in the Hebrew Alphabet

Tau means a cross, symbol of balance and harmony. Tau is related to the Moon, fastest moving planet and closest to Earth.

  • Th – Moon
  • V – Taurus

ThV – 406

A kiss. God Made.

Permutation of 406

Hierophant, High Priestess

ThV – 400

Witchcraft. To press down. Women. Nakedness.

Permutation of 400

The Moon, Aion

The High Priestess in Astrology

The Moon is exalted in Taurus, symbol of the Earth. The Moon rules Cancer.

The Moon in Hebrew

There are three names for the Moon in Hebrew.

YRCh 218

An odour. To crush. Briah.


Whiteness. To Flow. Nothing.

SHR 265

Round. Circular. A round tower. To join. Light.

The High Priestess in Liber 231

Now hath Nuit veiled herself, that she may open the gate of her sister.

Heptarchical King and Prince of Monday

Heptarchical King of Monday

Knig (B) Lumaza

Heptarchical Prince of Monday

Prince (B) Agenol

Powers of The High Priestess in the Enochian Watchtowers

Water Watchtower

30 TEX

91 Dazinal: Inspire followers of the Work, charm away opposition, win allies. An Initiatrix

Country: Morocco

Agrippa: Mars, Scorpio

Fire Watchtower

14 VTA

42 Ooanamb: Entrance to other worlds. Command wonders. Oracles. Highest initiation.

Area: Chaldea

Agrippa: Sun, Leo

Air Watchtower

22 LIN

64 Ozidaia: Abundance, honour, riches, health. The idea behind the form. Possibility

Area: South East Turkey

Agrippa: Sun, Leo

Earth Watchtower

29 RII

87 Gomziam: The White Tincture, clairvoyance, divination by dreams. Fluctuation and change. Problems with timing events

Area: South of Oxus River

Agrippa: Venus, Libra

The High Priestess Archetype

The High Priestess in individuation

The Quaterny or mandala is the symbol of harmony and balance – in some ways the goal of individuation.

Rather than the change and fluctuation indicated by traditional tarot decks, the High Priestess as the quaterny.



The Alchemical stage that key refers to is Putrefaction. To a certain extent this is still part of the Dissolution Process where great care must be taken so that the matter being dissolved (under moist heat) must be stopped at a certain point in the experiment. This is when complete separation has occurred, for at this critical level an entirely new substance has been formed or transmuted. It is one of the most important steps in any alchemical operation. Its separation process is of the Celestial Essences from the Elements. The Cup of the High Priestess is being offered to be drunk-which action is both the Dissolution and Separation process. It is lie the Holy Grail in the sense that all who drink from it will have immortality- Transmutation at its best.


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