13 – Eight of Wands: Boldness, Liberty

Divinatory meanings of 8 of Wands


Magical Image of Eight of Wands

In the first face of Sagittarius ascends the form of a man armed with a coat of mail, and holding a naked sword in his hand; the operation of this is for boldness, malice, and liberty:

Mercury ruling this decanate of Sagittarius gives the sense of swiftness and ease of movement, to which we can add boldness and liberty. How the malice fits in is not so easy to establish.

Astrological Attributions of 8 of Wands

The first or Ascendant decan of Sagittarius is ruled by Mercury from November 22nd-Dec 1st

72 Names ruling Eight of Wands

NThH 455


Goetia ruling 8 of Wands


The 25th spirit is called Glasya Labolas, he is a Mighty president & sheweth him selfe in ye forme of a dog wth wings like a griffin; he teacheth all arts in an Instant, and is an author of Blood shed & Manslaughter, he telleth all Things past & to come, if desired, & causeth love of friends and foes; he can make a Man goe Invisible, & he hath under his rule 36 Legions of spirits, his seal is this, ye wch weare [must be worn] as a Lamin.


The 26th spirit is called Bune [or Bime], he is a strong, great & mighty duke, & appeareth in ye forme of a Dragon wth three heads, one like a dog, The other like a griffin; The 3d like a man, he speaketh with a high & comely voice, he changeth ye places of ye dead, & causeth those spirits that are under him, to gather together upon their sepulcheres, he giveth Riches to a man & maketh him wise & eloquent, he giveth true Answards to yr demands, & governeth 30 Legions of spirits, his seal is this wch he owneth [oweth] obedience to. first & Nota he hath another seal or Character wch is made Thus. yu may use wch yu will, but ye first is best as Salomon saith.


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