03 – Seven of Wands: Defying Strife

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Divinatory meanings of the Seven of Wands


The Magical Image of the 7 of Wands

In the third face of Leo ascends a young man in whose hand is a Whip, and a man very sad, and of an ill aspect; they signify love and society, and the loss of ones right for avoiding strife.

Two figures, one holding a whip, the other looks sad or ill.

Picatrix shows the need for bravery to stand up for society despite the risk of violence or strife.

Astrology of 7 of Wands

The third or cadent decan of Leo is ruled by Mars from August 13th-22nd

72 Names



Goetic Spirits of the Seven of Wands


The 5th spirit is called Marbas — he is a great president, and appeareth at first in ye forme of a great Lyon: but afterwards putteth on humane shape at ye Request of ye Master he Answareth truly of Things hidden or secreet, he causeth deseases and cureth them againe & giveth great wisdome & knowledge in mechanicall arts, & changeth men into other shapes he governeth 36 Legions of spirits. his seal is this.


The 6th spirit is Valefar — he is a Mighty Duke, & appeareth in ye form of a Lion wh a mans head Lowring, he is a good femiliar, but tempteth those he is femiliar with to steale, he governeth 10 Legions of spirets, this is his seal to wearne constantly if you haue his familiarity. Else not.

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Insights of Death card in Therapy

Insights of Death card in Therapy

The Death card can mean a death or a transformation, but it is not always clear which. In this reading both meanings were applicable to the same situation.

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