14 – Nine of Wands: The Body

Divinatory meanings of the 9 of Wands


Magical Image of the Nine of Wands

In the second face of Sagittarius ascends a woman weeping, and covered with clothes; the operation of this is for sadness and fear of his own body.

Clothing in dreams often suggest a death.

The appearance of the Nine of Wands in a reading invariably suggest an improving situation. The interpretation provides the hope that is singularly lacking in this face of  Picatrix

Astrology of the 9 of Wands

The second or Succedent decan of Sagittarius ruled by Moon from December 2nd-11th

72 Names ruling Nine of Wands

TLTh 440

ShAH 306

Goetic Spirits of the Nine of Wands


The 27th spirit is called Ronove, he appeareth in ye forme of a Monster, he teacheth ye art of Rhetorick very well, and giveth good servants knowledge of Tongues, favouer of friends & foes; he is a Marquiz & a great Earle, and there obeieth him [he commandeth] 19 Legions of spirits his seal is this.


The 28th spirit in order as salomon bound them, is named Berith. he is a Mighty great and terrable duke, he hath two other Names given to him by men of latter Times, viz: Beal & Bolfry, he appeareth like a souldier wth red clothing, ridding on a red horse & [having] a Crown of Gold upon his head he giveth True answards of things [concerning the] past present & to come; you [must] use a Ring as is before spoken of [with] Beleth in calling him forth; he can turne all mettals into Gold, he can give dignity & [can] confirm them to Men, he speaketh wth a very clear & subtill voice, he is a great Lyer and not to be Trusted much he governeth over 26 Legions of spirits his seal is this which must be worne as [a] lamin.


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