15 Art – Samekh Sagittarius

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Divinatory Meanings of Art tarot card

Alchemy, union of opposites. The Great Work

Divinatory meanings of Art in the Elemental Positions

Fire Position

Spiritual transformation affecting the current situation

Water Position

Union of Opposites. desire for transcendence.

Air Position

Inability to deal with opposing energies.

Earth Position

Spiritual development coming soon.

Art and Hebrew Letter Samekh

  • S – Sagittarius
  • M – Water
  • K – Sun

Samekh means a bow, most appropriate for Sagittarius. The value is 60

SMK – 60

A basket. Watchtower. Oppress. Move to and fro. Gather together. A utensil, tool.

Permutations of 60

  • The Hermit, Death
  • The Sun, The Hanged Man

SMK – 120

Letter Samekh. Cut off. High place. Strength. Plague of Egypt. Pillar, column. Orion. Righ. Foundation, basis.

Permutations of 120

  • The Sun, The Moon
  • Justice, The Star
  • Death, The Devil
  • The Hanged Man, The Empress

Art and Astrology


Sagittarius in Hebrew

QShTh 800

A rainbow, Sagittarius

Permutations of 800

  • The Moon, Death
  • Aion, The Sun

Art in Liber 231

And a mighty angel appeared as a woman, pouring vials of woe upon the flames, lighting the pure stream with her brand of cursing. And the iniquity was very great.

Powers of Art in the Watchtowers

Water Watchtower


15 Tiarpax: Nullifying a force. For contentment and stillness. Negation of form. The transformations to each partner in a marriage

Area: North Afghanistan

Agrippa: Saturn, Aquarius

Fire Watchtower

12 LOE

35 Gedoons: Works done during adverse tides. Success in diplomacy. Transmutation through union of opposites

Area: India

Agrippa: Saturn, Capricorn

Air Watchtower

19 POP

57 Omagrap: Music, rhythm, colour, harmony. Scientific thinking

Country: Kazakhstan

Earth Watchtower

27 ZAA

80 Mathula: Transmutations. Success after complex manoeuvres

Area: Babylon

Agrippa: Mecury, Virgo

Jungian Archetype: Alchemy, union of opposites

Art and Individuation



The Alchemical association to this card is Elevation. This is the process where the spiritual or ethereal essence is removed from the corporeal or gross, the volatile from the fixed (such as vapour), through the process of Fire or heat. The first version of this Key seems to relate more diredly here with the figure over the heated cauldron. The second version here is more subtle and as Mathers notes ‘more restricted in meaning. However the water jugs being poured, with the volcanic fire in the background, make it plain that the Elevation process is not a dry one, or humid (as in the first version of this key), but is more liquid in orientation and is more closely allied with (though not identical to) higher distillations


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