Insights of Death card in Therapy

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Deeper meanings of Death card in Therapy

The Death card can mean a death or a transformation, but it is not always clear which. In this reading both meanings were applicable to the same situation. The Death was reversed in the Past position, while the Seven of Cups Debauch was in the Future position. These cards are related as they are attributed to Scorpio. Reversed Death can mean something that has not transformed, while the Seven of Cups indicates problems with perception. During the reading I was eventually able to help the client move from confused perception (7 of Cups) with a revelation that will help her complete the transformation in her life. Incidentally, the Death card also referred to her beloved husband who had died, but she was still talking to every day.

A woman in her mid-fifties came to me for a reading the other day. She clearly had health issues, she was psychic, and she had many readings from psychics, mediums and tarot readers, and many therapy sessions.
The most significant cards were Death reversed in the past, and 7 of Cups in the future. The cards are linked as they are both to do with Scorpio and November. No, there hadn’t been a death, and she couldn’t remember anything else significant happening at that time.
I pursued the matter, and it quickly became clear that it was about changes she had started, but hadn’t completed, and she was unsure how to proceed.

Clearing the Guilt

Her abusive father left home when she was five, and she was happily married until her husband died of alcoholism. She was now living with her ageing mother. A lot of the reading related to these events, and it was clear she had a lot of guilt.

There was something blindingly obvious that I could say, but held back, because it was so blinding obvious, and would surely have been discussed many times. In the end I said it, “As a child you are not responsible for what happened between your parents and your father leaving.” The look of astonishment and relief on her face – she had never thought of this. She said, “I have been to so many psychics and therapists, and you are the first to say this!”

For therapy to work it is true that clients have to take responsibility for their past, but for no one to point out that there are other ways of looking at a situation, leaving her to suffer and struggle is particularly cruel.
With any luck the transformation indicated by the Death card will be fulfilled.

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