16 – Two of Disks: Gain or Loss

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Divinatory meanings of the 2 of Disks


Magical Image of the Two of Disks

In the first face of Capricorn ascends the form of a woman, and a man carrying full bags; and the signification of these is for to go forth and to rejoice, to gain and to lose with weakness and baseness.

The sense of going around in circles, the polarity that is not resolved is examplified in Picatris for this decan.

Astrological attributions of the 2 of Disks

First or Ascendant decan of Capricorn ruled by Saturn from January 1st-10th

72 Names ruling 2 of Disks

LKB 52

VShR 506

Goetic Powers of the Two of Disks


The 31 spirit in order, [as Salomon saith,] is named Foras, he is a mighty great president & appeareth in ye form of a strong man, in humane shape he can give ye understanding to men how they may know ye vertues of all hearbs & precious stones, & [he] teacheth them ye art [of] Logick & Ethicks in All their partes if desired, he maketh men Invisible, witty, Eloquent & to live Long; he [can] discover Treasures and recover Things lost, & he ruleth over 29 Legions of spirits, his seale or Character is thus to be made & worne as a Lamen.


The 32d spirit in order is called Asmoday. he is a great king, strong & powerfull, he appeareth wth 3 heads, whereof ye first is like a Bull The second like a Man, The third like a Ram, [he appeareth also] wth a serpents Taile, Belching or vomitting up flames of fire out of his mouth his feet are webed like a Goose, he sitteth on an Infernall dragon carring a Launce and a flagg in his hands, he is ye first & chifiest under ye power of Amaymon, & goeth before all others: when the [105r] Exorcist hath a mind to call him, lett it be abroad, and lett him stand on his feet all ye Time of action, wth his cap of [off], for if it be on, Amaymon will deceive him and cause all his doeing to be bewrayed, But as soone as ye Exorist [Exorcist] seeth Asmoday in ye shape aforesaid, he shall call him by his Name, saying, thou art Asmoday, & he will not deny it; & by & by he will bow down to ye ground &c he giveth ye Ring of vertues he teacheth ye art of Arithmitic, geomitry, Astronomy and all [other] handicrafts absolutely; he giveth full & True answares to yr demands, he maketh a man Invisible, he showeth ye place where Treasures layeth, and guardeth it if it be among ye Legion of Amaymon, he governeth 72 Legions of Inferiour spirits, his seal is thus to be made and worne as a Lamen before [thee] on your Breast.

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