17 – Three of Disks: Thoughts of Unknown

Divinatory meanings of the 3 of Disks


Magical Image of the Three of Disks

In the second face of Capricorn ascends two women, and a man looking towards a Bird flying in the Air; and the signification of these is for the requiring those things which cannot be done, and for the searching after those things which cannot be known:

Picatrix describes the practical effort or work required to make manifest the aspirations.

Astrological Attributions of the 3 of Disks

The second or Succedent decan of Capricorn ruled by Venus from January 1st-10th

72 Names ruling 3 of Disks

YChV 24

LHCh 43

Goetic Spirits of the Three of Disks


The 33d spirit is Gaap. he is a great president & a mighty Prince, he appeareth when ye Sun is in some of ye Southern Signes, in a humane shape, [Clm 849 reads: “He appears in the form of a doctor (medici, not meridii=southern as in Weyer) when he takes on a human form”] goeing before 4 great & mighty kings, as if he was a guide to conduct them along in their way. his office is to make men knowing in Phylosophy and all ye Liberall siences; he can cause love or hatred, and make men Insensible he can Teach yu how to consecrate those Things that belong to ye dominion of Amaymon his king & can dilever [deliver] familiers out of the custody of other Magicians; and [he also] answareth Truly and perfectly of Things past present and to come, & can carry and recarry [things] most speedily from one kingdome to another, at ye will and pleasure of [the] Exorcist, he ruleth over 66 \ Legions of spirits he was of ye order of potestates [potentates]; his seal is thus to be made & worne as a Lamen &c.


The 34th spirit is called Furtur [Furfur], he is a great & mighty Earle, appearing in ye forme of an hart wth a firey [fiery] Taile; he never speaket [speaketh] Truth, except he be compelled or brought up wthin a Triangle, being compelled therein, he will take upon himselfe ye forme of an angel being bidden; he speaketh with a hoarse voice, & will [can] willingly make love between man & wife he can raise Thunder, Lightnings, Blasts and great Tempestuous stormes &c he giveth true answares both of secreet and devine Things  if commanded, and ruleth over 26 Legions of spirits, his seal is this which is to be [made &] worne as a Lamin &c.


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