15 – Ten of Wands: Obstinacy of Will

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Divinatory meanings of Ten of Wands


Magical Image of 10 of Wands

In the third face of Sagittarius ascends a man like in colour to gold, or an idle man playing with a staff; and the signification of this is in following our own wills, and obstinacy in them, and in activeness for evil things, contentions, and horrible matters.

We see the unambiguous implications oppression in Picatrix by “evil things, contentions, and horrible matters.”

Astrological attributions of 10 of Wands

The third or Cadent decan of Sagittarius ruled by Saturn from December 12th-21st

72 Names ruling 10 of Wands

RYY 220

AVM 47

Goetic Spirits of the Ten of Wands


The 29th spirit in order is Named Astaroth, he is a Mighty & strong duke, & appeareth in [the] forme of an unbeautifull angel, ridding on an Infernall like dragon, and carring in his right hand a viper (you must not lett him come to neare yu least he doe yu damage by his stinking Breath. Therefore ye Exorcist must hold ye Magicall Ring nere to his face and yt will defend him he giveth true answares of things present past & to come & can discover all secreets; he will declare willingly how ye spirits fell, if desired, & ye reason of his own fall. He can make men wounderfull knowing in all Liberall siences; he ruleth 40 Legions of spirits, his seal is as this [shown], wch weare as a Lamen before yu, or else he will not obey you.


The 30th spirit is called Forneus, he is a mighty great Marquiz, & appeareth in ye forme of a great sea Monster, he Teacheth & maketh men wounderfull knowing in ye art of Rhetoric he causeth men to have a good Name, and to have ye understanding of Tongues; he maketh men to be beloved of their foes as well as they be by their Friends; & he governeth 29 Legions of spirits, partly of ye order of Thrones and partly of angels, his seal is this to be made and worne as aforesaid &.

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