04 – Eight of Disks: Preparation for Wealth

Divinatory meanings of the Eight of Disks

Eight of Disks – Preparation for Wealth is a deeper meaning than Prudence.

Magical Image of the 8 of Disks

In the first face of Virgo ascends the figure of a good maid, and a man casting seeds; it signifies getting of wealth, ordering of diet, plowing, sowing, and peopling.

A man and a woman both casting seeds.

Picatrix gives a bucolic picture of the accumulation of wealth, as distinct to the Nine and Ten of Disks

Astrological Attributions of the 8 of Disks

The first or Ascendant decan of Virgo ruled by Sun from August 23rd-Sept 2nd

72 Names



Goetic Spirits of the Eight of Disks


The 7th spirit is Amon. he is a Marquis great in power & most strong, he at first appereth like a wolf with a serpents taile, vomiting out of his Mouth fleames of fire, but at ye command of ye Magician he putteth on ye shape of a man, with dogs Teeth beset in a head like a Raven, or in a Ravens Head, hee telleth [of] all things past & to come, and procureth love, and reconcileth controversies between freinds & foes,1 & governeth 40 Legions of spirits, his seal is thus, wch is to be worne as afforesaid.


The 8th spirit is called Barbatos he is a great duke & appeareth when ye Sun is in Sagittarius with four Noble kings and their companions in great troops, he giveth ye understanding of ye singing of Birds, and ye voice of other Creatures and ye [such as] barking of dogs &c, he breaketh hidden treasures open, that have been Laid by ye Enchantment of Magicians, & [he was] of ye order of vertues, [of] which some part beareth rule still &c he knoweth all things past and to come: and reconsileth friends & those that are in power, he ruleth over 30 Legions of spirits, his seal of obedience is this. wch were before you &c.


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