14 Death – Nun – Scorpio

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Divinatory Meanings of Death

Death, transformation, sexuality.

Divinatory Meanings of Death in the Elemental Positions

Fire Position

Effects of a death or transformation or sexual energies influencing the present.

Water Position

Desire or expectation of death, transformation, sexual experiences.

Air Position

Avoidance of death, transformation sexuality. The need for re-organisation to accomodate these energies.

Earth Position

Imminent death of a person or situation. Transformations, sexuality.

Death in the Hebrew Alphabet

Nun is the 13th letter associated with Scorpio. Nun means a fish. Value 50

  • N – Scorpio
  • V – Taurus
  • N – Scorpio

Nun – 50

Permutations of Nun

  • The Hermit, The Hanged Man
  • The Sun, Justice

NVN 106

Burnt offering. To give milk. Break through. A thread.

Permutations of NVN

The Hierophant, The Moon

Death in Astrology


Hebrew name of Scorpio

OQRB 372

Grass, seven, tread down, spoil, rot.

 Oven, furnace. Lambs, sheep.

Death in Liber 231

Also Asar was hidden in Ammenti; and the Lords of Time swept over him with the sickle of death.

Powers of Death in the Enochian Watchtowers

Water Watchtower


14 Nocamal: Emotional experience, developing the imagination. Sexuality. Relationship between sex and death

Area: Southern Turkey

Agrippa: Mars, Scorpio

Fire Watchtower

12 LOE

34 Tapamal: Increasing philosophical capacity. End of a cycle. Transformation

Countries: China and Japan

Air Watchtower

19 POP

56 Abaiond: Inspired thought, mystical understanding. Stress becomes intolerable – need for change

Area: North West France

Agrippa: Jupiter, Sagittarius

Earth Watchtower

27 ZAA

79 Saziami: Necromancy. Time, age, unexpected change, death

Area: Oasis West of the Nile

Agrippa: Venus, Libra

Death in Individuation

Death is a big pre-occupation in Alchemy. Everything results in Death, escaping from the Nigredo.

Jungian Archetype



Alchemically we are looking at the stage of Digestion. Within this process is also fermentation and corruption. This is where mild heat is applied over a long period of time, to the Matter, which gives up its vital essences. This process is also called Maceration. It is where the gross elements become much lighter as the essence is removed and to a certain extent Separation occurs. The Death card shows the corruption of the matter as a death process, which is essential before the life forces of the Matter are released as a state of birth. Transmutation then occurs.


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Insights of Death card in Therapy

Insights of Death card in Therapy

The Death card can mean a death or a transformation, but it is not always clear which. In this reading both meanings were applicable to the same situation.

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