Starseed and Holy Guardian Angel

by Nov 8, 2015

Starseed activation is closely related to experiences of one’s Holy Guardian Angel, but the relationship is rarely discussed. If Starseed is about remembering and working with one’s origins on a different star system, surely it makes sense, at least diplomatically to have a good relationship with one’s Holy Guardian Angel, who represents the spiritual powers on the Earth?

In occult and spiritual western circles meeting and speaking their Holy Guardian Angel is considered the apex of spiritual development, but what if that conversation was merely the beginning of the spiritual journey that results in Starseed workings? Reading starseed literature, the knowledge of the HGA is not necessary, but I think the two naturally go together. In fact, the HGA and starseed spirits work perfectly as a team, and this points to methods that can be learnt.

Starseed activation occurs when a person “wakes up” to their cosmological status, and begins to do the work they promised to do before incarnating on this planet.

There are methods of starseed activation, but none mentions tarot activation. It is time to put the record straight.

For tarot to have this capability, the deck needs to be created by one who has already had the experience of his Holy Guardian Angel = Aleister Crowley’s Book of Thoth Tarot deck. Crowley met his HGA in the Great Pyramid of Gizeh in 1904 when he received The Book of the Law. As Crowley was not expecting such a momentous event (he was on his honeymoon with Rose Kelley), he was never quite comfortable with the concept. However, what is clear is that his creativity increased – many books were written, some dictated by his Holy Guardian Angel. Apart from being the best tarot deck ever created, the purpose of the deck is The Great Work = meeting one’s HGA.

Many people come to me for a reading when their activation has occurred, or is about to occur, which is a fascinating and delicate time. Most clients are not interested in the occult or their HGA, which is fine – I am not going to lecture them on the subject! However, if your aim is the HGA, just remember that done right, you will get a whole lot more than you expected.

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