Recognising Starseeds

by Nov 7, 2015

Recognising Starseeds is very easy for tarot readers – if they are aware and know what to look for. There is usually a lightness about the client. There is not one particular tarot card that represents or indicates starseed clients, so don’t bother looking for one!

The problem is that tarot readers love to have tarot card meanings set in stone so they never change. However, starseed clients hate to be categorised and limited in any way.  Those who are not starseeds usually know their place in society, have strong views about their life and a clear direction of where they are going.

Recognising starseeds on the other hand is easier as they display a lack of interest in the structure of society, are struggling to understand who they are, and despite their obvious intelligence have no idea where they are going, and find it difficult to know what their future will be. This particularly true if they have recently gone through an awakening; a transition from a dogmatic fixed life where everything has its place and certainty, to a place where there is space and nothing is certain – everything that was important now seems irrelevant.

I struggled for years as a tarot reader when starseeds came for a reading, as there was no information about how to deal with them. To be honest, it is very unlikely that tarot readers who are not starseeds will recognise them, and will persist in performing the usual kind of predictive and fatalistic tarot readings. Starseed clients are inner-driven, when they have the confidence to do so.

Predicting for Starseeds

The traditional view of tarot readings is that a clear outcome or prediction is required, but starseeds are not so comfortable with certainty, for they can never be certain that in a few weeks or months that they will be happy with the outcome. They may well decide to change the future anyway, because they can, and their experience of life is that nothing is fixed.

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