How can I make more friends? A tarot reading

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Using a Tarot reading as a guide to finding friends

How can I make more friends? often happens after relationships fail and we have to either move and start again, or we realise our friends are not as good or as trustworthy as we thought. Children make friends easily in the playground, but for adults its different. How do we trust anyone again?

For this tarot reading the card are cut into four as usual:

  • Past: Lust
  • Desires: 6 of Wands Victory
  • Worries: Fortune
  • Future: The Moon

Lust in the past position shows how inspiring and energetic friendships were – all was good socially. Something happened, maybe just a small event, but doubt appeared. 6 of Wands and Lust are both related to Leo. Sometimes even when things are going well, there can be a sense of something not right. Friendships are easy when things go well – it is only when problems arise that we find out who our real friends are.

Fortune reversed in the Worries Stack

Maybe life was so good socially, that there was a desire for things not to change. Salad Days. Friends entertain, in the good times. We don’t have to think. Alternatively, social dynamics were changing, and we did not want that to happen. Alternatively there may have been a lot of “churn” with friends or they were ephemeral, not consistent.

The Moon
The Moon often indicates deception in friends

The Moon in the Future stack

The Moon always appears when there has been deception in some form. People are not being honest. That people lie is the norm. We have a potentially negative future that many Tarot readers will do their best to avoid.

Before we look to the cards in the Future position, just as there is a relationship between the Past and Desires stacks, there is also one between the Worries and Future positions. Jupiter (Fortune) rules Pisces (The Moon): The change that had stirred and was being igrnored comes to the fore, and has to be confronted. Perhaps the perceptions of the character of our friends were no longer been seen through rose-tinted lenses, or perhaps we wonder why we didn’t see clearly anyway. Either way, how do we trust others or ourselves? Ultimately of course we have to learn to trust our own feelings.

Characters of the Future position – Friends

  1. The Moon
  2. Knight of Wands
  3. 2 of Wands Dominion
  4. Ace of Disks
  5. Knight of Swords
  6. 6 of Disks Success
  7. Princess of Swords
  8. 4 of Cups Luxury
  9. 9 of Wands Strength
  10. 3 of Disks Works
  11. The Lovers
  12. The Universe
  13. 8 of Wands Swiftness
  14. 9 of Disks Gain
  15. 10 of Disks Wealth
  16. The Chariot
  17. Art
  18. 10 of Cups Satiety
  19. 7 of Wands Valour
  20. 2 of Cups
  21. 4 of Swords Truce
  22. The Sun
  23. 3 of Cups
  24. The Hanged Man

Court Cards in the Future Position

Only three Court cards, and they are close together, which good cards separating them.

The two Knights count onto each other in both directions, which suggests that they are the same person acting differently

The Princess of Swords is the only other court card, If she is the client, then the client is erring on the side of caution, but if it is someone else, she is watching and waiting.

Negative Cards

The Hanged Man and The Moon can be considered “negative”, and they sandwich the sequence of cards. Both are Water. The fear is of loss, loneliness and deception. We could also include the Princess of Swords.

Maybe the client is looking for quality – fewer friends – but she is not sure she can trust herself.

The Other Cards are good!

The rest of the cards are all positive – it is difficult to be negative. The Universe pertains to the question, and it is adjacent to The Lovers and 8 of Wands – relationships and communication. Perhaps being more straightforward in our feelings will help?

There are cards of financial gain, which is not suggested by the question, which suggests they refer to success in finding friends, or that the new friends are successful or have more money.

Counting from the Moon

Card Counting from The Moon to The Lovers
  1. The Moon
  2. The Universe
  3. 2 of Cups
  4. 4 of Swords
  5. The Hanged Man
  6. Knight of Wands
  7. Knight of Swords
  8. 4 of Cups
  9. The Lovers
  10. The Sun
  11. 6 of Disks
  12. The Lovers

Counting from the Moon in opposite direction

  1. The Moon
  2. 10 of Disks
  3. Knight of Swords
  4. Knighf of Wands
  5. 3 of Cups
  6. 4 of Swords
  7. 10 of Cups
  8. 9 of Wands
  9. The Moon

Uncounted card – The Chariot

The Chariot is the uncounted card – no other card counts onto it, which means that the other cards don’t see it. The Chariot counts onto the Knight of Swords and then the Knight of Wands, which we see in the counting for the Moon, and the 2 of Wands which is situated between the same court cards. This suggests that you will gain the control in relationships that you need.

Summary – we find the friends

If our client faces the future with more conviction and confidence she will find friends who are better, reliable, and more successful.

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