What is he thinking about me?

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What is he thinking about me? A tarot reading that is not as negative as it appears

What is he thinking about me? is a common question in tarot readings, and it is difficult to answer, mainly because thoughts relate to Air and the Swords Minor Arcana, which as you know are mostly negative.

Ten of Swords in the Future position looks really negative, as does Three of Swords in Desires, and Seven of Disks in the Past position, while the Princess of Cups in the worries, shows a lack of confidence and worries about appearance – does she feel attactive anymore?

Changing the outcome

  • Past: 7 of Disks Failure
  • Desires: 3 of Swords Sorrow
  • Worries: Princess of Cups
  • Future 10 of Swords

In the Future position the Ten of Swords on top has the Tower at the other end and The Devil next, which shows the man is under pressure – he might feel trapped, and he is certainly thinking of failures in other relationships which does not help. The three Queens indicate a group of women who might appear friends but actually they have been stirring up trouble – the Queen of Swords and the Princess of Swords. However, the Queen of Wands is in a positive position surrounded by good cards such as The Chariot, Art and The Aeon.

At the centre of the cards is the Lust card and 8 of Disks Prudence, along with the Fool, which shows that actions speak louder than words – make things happen.

Characters of the Cards

  1. 10 of Swords Ruin
  2. The Devil
  3. Knight of Wands
  4. Universe
  5. Princess of Swords
  6. Queen of Swords
  7. 4 of Swords Truce
  8. 9 of Wands Strength
  9. The Fool
  10. 8 of Disks Prudence
  11. Lust
  12. 2 of Disks Change
  13. 5 of Disks Worry
  14. Queen of Cups
  15. Aeon
  16. Art
  17. Queen of Wands
  18. Chariot
  19. Adjustment
  20. 5 of Swords Defeat
  21. Tower

Three Queens indicate authority and influence.

Counting from 10 Swords

  1. 10 of Swords Ruin
  2. 8 of Disks Prudence
  3. Queen of Wands
  4. 5 of Swords Defeat
  5. Knight of Wands
  6. Queen of Swords
  7. The Fool
  8. Lust
  9. 10 of Swords Ruin

Counting from 10 Swords

  1. 10 of Swords Ruin
  2. 5 of Disks Worry
  3. The Fool
  4. 4 of Swords Truce
  5. Universe
  6. Queen of Wands
  7. Queen of Cups
  8. Lust
  9. Tower
  10. 5 of Disks Worry

Secret Power Cards


Justice and Equilibrium




Evocation, fire workings

Princess of Swords

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