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There are a number of reasons a tarot reading failed, and anyone who has done readings will experience this. Nobody is capable of pleasing everyone every time, in any field of life. Some of the reasons are that the tarot reader is not psychic – some do cold readings, however most are genuine psychics, and desire to do their best.

Some clients turn up saying they one have one question, and it is simple, but actually the reality is far more complicated. The situation they are asking about has gone on for years without resolution, so it is always worth asking when the problems started.

Some clients have an agenda trying to prove that psychics and clairvoyants are frauds, so unless you are particularly talented and can stun the client with “facts”, they will remain unimpressed. It is possible to be aware at the beginning of the reading that your client is going to give you are hard time, so you can bail out quickly. However, one reason clients are so sceptical is because they had a previous reading that was not satisfactory, so here is your opportunity to restore some faith.

A tarot reading fails because whatever topic the client expects to discuss, another more pressing topic comes up. Find a way of addressing the issue they are interested, while still bringing up the more important issues.

Finally, there are clients who are genuine, and very difficult to read, so the reading will fail. The likely reason is that the usual methods of tarot spreads and tarot meanings will not work because they are not designed for this kind of client, who may also be starseed. Starseed clients are easy to read using the tarot if you know that positional tarot spreads and tarot card meanings do not work. I use the Thoth tarot deck by Aleister Crowley and the Opening of the Key Tarot spread, and techniques of card counting and elemental dignities, and it is these methods that are successful.

If you have had problems getting a satisfactory reading, try me!

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