Future of the Hermit in Lockdown

The Hermit in Lockdown – a Tarot reading

Lockdown means being in isolation, which is the Hermit card.

After shuffling and cutting the cards, we have these piles:

  • Past: 10 of Wands Oppression
  • Desires: The Hermit
  • Worries: 7 of Wands Valour
  • Future: 10 of Cups

Characters of the cards

  1. 10 of Cups Satiety
  2. Magician
  3. Knight of Wands
  4. 9 of Wands Strength
  5. The Fool
  6. Aeon
  7. Art
  8. Chariot
  9. Adjustment
  10. 9 of Swords Cruelty
  11. The Star
  12. 6 of Wands Victory
  13. Fortune
  14. Princess of Disks
  15. Ace of Wands
  16. Princess of Cups
  17. Empress
  18. Princess of Wands
  19. 3 of Wands Virtue
  20. Knight of Cups
  21. 2 of Cups Love
  22. Hanged Man

When we look at the cards the 9 of Swords Cruelty is the only negative card, however it is very good for trouble-shooting

On the left side we have mostly feminine energy, 3 princesses and the Empress with the Fortune, Star and 2 of Cups

On the right side the energy is masculine with the Fool, Knight of Wands, Art and Chariot. All the other cards are positive.

3 Princesses

Gatherings of young or youthful people

Card count 10 cups

  1. 10 of Cups
  2. 9 of Swords
  3. Princess of Wands
  4. Magus
  5. 9 of Swords


  1. 10 of Cups
  2. Princess of Disks
  3. Chariot
  4. 3 of Wands
  5. Empress
  6. Adjustment
  7. Knight of Cups
  8. Empress

Secret Power cards

Ace of Wands




The Hermit is expressed as the 10 of Cups, a positive card, and we have the relationship cards, 2 of Cups, Justice, so out of this solitary phase comes the benefit of new energy in relationships


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