25 – Two of Wands: Independent & Bold

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Divinatory meanings of the 2 of Wands

Dominion and rule

Astrology of 2 of Wands

First or Ascendant decan of Aries ruled by Mars from March 21st-31st

Magical Image of the 2 of Wands

Black Man, red eyes, White garment

A single black man, very strong, angry, with red eyes, ascends. He wears a white garment. He ascends into the vision.

Black is the colour of the nigredo, the nature of the man. White is it’s contrast in the clothing, the alchemical whitening process. Red is the rubedo.

Therefore it is said, that in the first face of Aries, ascends the image of a black man, standing and clothed in a white garment, girdled about, of a great body, with reddish eyes, and great strength, and like one that is angry; and this image signifies and causes boldness, fortitude, loftiness and shamelessness.

Boldness is the willingness to take risks, act innovatively.

Fortitude is courage in face of pain or adversity.

Loftiness means high or spiritually exalted.

Shameless means brazen.

The vision of a black man with red eyes is fairly common. Aries is well-known as a sign that signifies starting things but not necessarily completion, and it would seem that this man is capable of communicating new projects and completing them.

A powerful projection from the unconsciousness.

72 Names ruling 2 of Wands

VHV 17

DNY 64

Goetic Spirits of the Two of Wands


The 49th spirit is named Procel, he appeareth in ye forme of an angel, he is a great & strong duke, speaking somthing mystically of hidden Things; he Teacheth ye art of geometry & ye Liberall siences, he at ye command of ye Exorcist, will make great Noises, like ye running of great waters, allthough there be none he warmeth waters and distempereth [discovereth] Bathes &c he was of ye order of potestates [potentates] (as he declared to Salomon) before his fall, he governeth 48 Legions of spirits, his Character or Marke is Thus to be made, & worne as a Lamin before you.


The 50th spirit in order is called Furcas, he is a knight & appeareth in ye forme and similitude of a cruel old man wth a long Beard and a hairy head, sitting on a pale colloured horse, wth a sharpe weapon in his hand; his office is to teach ye art of Phylosophy, astronomy, Rhetoricl, logick, Chyromancy & Pyromancy in all their partes perfectly, he hath under his power 20 Legions of spirits, his seal or Mark is this wch make & weare as a Lamin.

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Insights of Death card in Therapy

Insights of Death card in Therapy

The Death card can mean a death or a transformation, but it is not always clear which. In this reading both meanings were applicable to the same situation.

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