26 – Three of Wands – Nobility

Divinatory meanings of Three of Wands


Astrology of Three of Wands

The second or Succedent decan of Aries ruled by Sun from April 1st – 10th

Magical Image of 3 of Wands

Woman in Red, white under-dress.

In the second face of Aries ascends a form of a woman, outwardly clothed with a red garment, and under it a white, spreading abroad over her feet, and this image causes nobleness, height of a Kingdom, and greatness of dominion.

A woman ascends, wearing a red garment, with a white garment underneath. The white garment spreads over her feet and beyond.

The Two of Wands is associated with Dominion. Evidently someone in the Golden Dawn saw fit to transpose the meanings of the Two and Three of Wands:

  • 2 of Wands Dominion
  • 3 of Wands Virtue

The feminine association with the Earth is clear.

It would seem that Mathers saw Virtue as the image of the woman.

72 Names ruling 3 of Wands

HChSh 313

OMM 150

Goetic Spirits of the Three of Wands


The 51 spirit in order is Balam, he is a Terrable, great & powerfull king, appearing wth 3 heads, The first is like a Bulls, The second like a Mans, & ye Third like a Rams head he hath a serpents Taile, & Eyes flaming; riding upon a furious Beare, carrying a goshawke on his fist, he speaketh wth a hoarse voyce, giving True answares of Things past present & to come, he maketh men to goe invisible & witty he governeth 40 Legions of spirits his seal is Thus [to be] Made, & to be worne as a Lamin &c.


The 52d spirit [in order] is called Alloces — he is a great & mighty strong duke, appearing in ye forme of a souldier ridding on a great horse; his face is like a Lyons, very redd, having Eyes flaming, his speech is hoarse & verry Bigg; his office is to teach ye art of Astronomy, & all ye Liberall siences, he Bringeth good familiars & ruleth 36 Legions of spirits, his seal is Thus made, & [is] to be worne, &c.


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