20 – Six of Swords: Understanding

Divinatory Meanings of 6 of Swords


Magical Image of Six of Swords

In the second face of Aquarius ascends the form of a man with a long beard; and the signification of this belongs to the understanding, meekness, modesty, liberty and good manners:

Picatrix presents an educated open-minded man.

Astrological attributions of 6 of Swords

The second or Succedent Decan of Aquarius is ruled by Mercury from January 31st -February 8th

72 Names ruling 6 of Swords

RHO 275

YYZ 27

Goetic Spirits of the Six of Swords


The 39th spirit in order is called Malphas, he appeareth at first in ye forme like a Crow, But affterwardes will put on a humane shape at ye request of ye Exorcist & speake wth a hoarse voyce; he is a mighty president and powerfull he can Build houses & high Towers & he can bring quickly artificers togather from all places of ye world; he can destroy ye [thy] Enemies desires or thoughts, and wt [all that] they have done; he giveth good familiars, & if yu make any sacrifices to him, he will receive it kindly and willingly, But he will deceive him yt doth it; he governeth 40 Legions of spirits; his seal is Thus to be made and worne as a Lamen &.


The 40th spirit is called Raum, he is an Earle, & appeareth at first in ye forme of a Crow but affterwards, at ye command of ye Exorcist he putteth on humane shape his office is to steale Treasures out of kings houses, and to carry it where he is commanded, & to destroy Citties, and ye dignities of men; & to tell all Things past, & wt is, & wt will be; & to cause Love between friends & foes; he was of ye order of Thrones, and governeth over 30 Legions of spirits his seal is Thus, which make and weare as a Lamin before you.


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