19 The Moon – Qoph – Pisces

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Divinatory Meanings of The Moon

Divinatory Meanings of The Moon in the Elemental Positions

Fire Position

Water Position

Air Position

Earth Position

The Moon in the Hebrew Alphabet

Qoph has the value of 100, and is related to Pisces. Qoph means the back of the head

  • Q – Pisces
  • V – Taurus
  • P – Venus

QVP 186

Fortress, stone of stumbling. Their eyes.

QVP 100

Permutations of 100

  • The Hermit, The Star
  • The Sun, The Empress
  • Justice, The Devil
  • The Hanged Man, Art

Astrological Attributions of The Moon


Pisces in Hebrew – Dagim

DGYM – 57

Permutation of 57

The Lovers, Death

The Moon in Liber 231

By her spells she invoked the Scarab, the Lord Kheph-Ra, so the waters were cloven and the illusion of the towers was destroyed.

Powers of The Moon in the Enochian Watchtowers

Water Watchtower

30 TEX

88 Toagla: Success in commerce. Divination, recovery of stolen property. Deception, falsehood

Area: Africa, North Zaire

Air Watchtower

21 ASP

61 Chirspa: Skrying. Conversing with elementals. Waters of Vision. Illusion or madness

Country: The United Kingdom

Agrippa: Mars, Aries

Fire Watchtower

13 ZIM

39 Docepax: Counselling, interpretation, keys to lost knowledge; means to progress. Dark night of the soul

Country: Russia

Agrippa: Jupiter, Sagittarius

Earth Watchtower

28 BAG

84 Oxlopar: Bewitchments, casting Illusions. Threshold of significant change

Area: Tangiers

Agrippa: Mars, Scorpio

The Moon archetype

The Moon in Individuation

Exploring the dark side of one’s personality.



The alchemical stage referred to here is the Conjunction/ impregnation. This is a bringing together of the separated parts of the experiment into one homogenous commodity. It is the final step in which all the component parts of Matter which have been separated, are strengthened and placed back together, so that it is stronger than when the experiment first started. The Green Lion becomes White, so that White may become Red. In this Key the Moon represents fertility and impregnation which is shown by the Crayfish emerging from the pool, the point of conception. This is a very dangerous state, for one slight error will ntin the experiment. The Red Crayfish travels on the Path towards the White Luna influence.


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