11 The Sun – Kaph – Sun

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The Sun Divinatory Meanings

Success, riches, the family

The Sun in the Elemental Positions

Fire Position

Events indicated by the Sun influencing the current situation, known or unknown to the client.

Water Position

Desire for success and happiness.

Air Position

Avoidance of the family, happiness, success.

Earth Position

Upcoming success, happiness, in the family.

The Sun and the Hebrew Alphabet

Kaph is related to the Sun, value 20. Kaph means the palm.

  • K – Sun
  • P – Venus

This is the third letter with only two letters after H and V.

KP – 100

100 is the number of Qoph, The Moon.

Permutations of Kaph

  • The Hermit, The Star
  • The Sun, The Tower
  • Justice, The Devil
  • The Hanged Man, Art

The Sun in Astrology

The Sun rules Leo and Sunday

ShMSh 640

Palm of the hand, palm tree.

The Sun in Liber 231

Then the sun did appear unclouded, and the mouth of Asi was on the mouth of Asar.

Heptarchical King and Prince of Sunday

Heptarchical King of Sunday

King (B) Obogel

Heptarchical Prince of Sunday

Prince (B) Efafes

Powers of The Sun in the Enochian Watchtowers

Water Watchtower


11 Axsiarg: Fraternal association. Peace of mind. Circulating earthly benefits. Pleasure, shamelessness, vanity

Area: Persia

Air Watchtower

18 ZEN

54 Zafasai: Establishing well grounded plans. Visions of truth. Honesty, freedom

Country: Jordan

Agrippa: Mars, Scorpio

Fire Watchtower


26 Cralpir: Leadership in social affairs (politics), defending a lawsuit or reputation. Lord of the new Aeon. Spiritual freedom

Area: Oxus River

Agrippa: Saturn, Aquarius

Earth Watchtower

26 DES

76 Pophand: The Red Tincture, Power of Acquiring Wealth. Glory, riches. Enlightened civilization

Area: North Israel

Jungian Archetype for the Sun; The Hero

The Hero is like the wandering Sun. The task of the Hero is to renew the world and conquer death.

The Twins as Heros – sacrifice and death as cure for hybris.

The Sun in Individuation

The Sun represents the visible God of this world, relating to libido, intensity and power (see Aion).


The alchemical stage that this Key represents is the Elixir Lapis Philosophicus and/or Lapidification, which is the Lapis Aureus (the Golden Stone). This is the end result of the experiment and where the finished product can be increased in quantity. Here the twins stand outside of the boundaries of their garden while the energy of the Sun above increases their vitality.


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02 The Universe – Beth – Saturn

02 The Universe – Beth – Saturn

Divinatory meanings of 2 The Universe Manifestation of something – see the surrounding cards for clues. Emigration. The subject of the question. Place Everything has its place. When things become displaced, they no longer function as they should, or they take on the...

03 Fortune – Gimel – Jupiter

03 Fortune – Gimel – Jupiter

In the Middle Ages Fortune represents the fickleness of life; the richest, most powerful person could find himself in the gutter, penniless and friendless in an instant. Today we see Jupiter in a more optimistic light – things will get better.

04 The Tower – Daleth – Mars

04 The Tower – Daleth – Mars

The Tower is depicted as hit by lightning and crumbling to the ground. Daleth means a door, the means for entering or leaving a room or building. The Martian energy breaks down structures. In the process of individuation this is breaking down of the family bonds that hold us back from being ourself.

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