09 Lust – Teth – Leo

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Lust Divinatory meanings

Creativity, magick, sex magick, love affairs

Lust in the Elemental Positions

Fire Position

Previous actions influencing the present situation.

Water Position

Desire for creativity, art, love affairs, magic.

Air Position

Dryness, avoidance of love, creativity, magick. Fears of creativity.

Earth Position

Future love, creativity, magick etc.

Lust and the Hebrew Alphabet

Teth is the 9th letter of Hebrew alphabet, related to the fiery sign of Leo. Teth means a snake

  • T – Leo
  • Y – Virgo
  • Th – Moon

TYTh – 419

One more than 418 Cheth, The Chariot

Lust and Astrology


ARYH – 216

TARO, oracle, strength, man

Lust in Liber 231

Also came forth mother Earth with her lion, even Sekhet, the lady of Asir

Powers of Lust in Enochian Magic

Lust in the Watchtowers

Water Watchtower


9 Andispi: Understanding human needs, telepathy. Passion, ecstasy

Area: Arctic Pole

Fire Watchtower


24 Pristac: Spear consecration. Understanding.

Country: France

Agrippa: Mars, Aries

Air Watchtower

17 TAN

51 Tocarzi: Understanding living creatures and nature. Energy independent of reason

Area: North East Libyan coast

Agrippa: Jupiter, Pisces

Earth Watchtower

25 VTI

74 Obuaors: Power of Training Wild Beasts. Courage, strength, magical power

Area: Persia

Agrippa: Venus, Taurus

Lust and Individuation

Archetypes of Lust



The Alchemical stage represented here is Exaltation. This is the raising of the vitality and virtue of the Matter to a higher Spiritual level through a transmutation process which involves dissolving it to a higher degree. This, to a certain extent is part of the Sublimation and Circulation process. Mathers directly referred to this card as representing the ‘Green Lion’, which is a solvent that dissolves stronger substances into it. This is shown in this Key by the weaker Green Lion as the woman, apparently controlling the stronger Red Lion beside her. Here superior strength will not work through any method of confrontation, for the Green Lion, wears down that superior strength and gradually absorbs it.

Within this card there is very much the nature of opposite polarity, which could possibly be best explained in alchemical terms. The Lion is in this instance the alchemical Red Lion while the woman is considered the Green Lion. Because the Green Lion is a solvent, she saps the red lion’s vitality by manipulation through desire, depicted by the roses. You have here the King of beasts beside a woman who, at first, appears defenceless. The Lion, in fact, stands for the rampant masculine force but he has been conquered by the woman through her feminine nature.


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