10 – Five of Cups: Beauty, Treachery

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Divinatory Meanings of the Five of Cups


Magical Image of the 5 of Cups

In the first face of Scorpio ascends a woman of good face and habit, and two men striking her; the operations of these are for comeliness, beauty, and for strifes, treacheries, deceits, detractations, and perditions.

The beautiful surface hides the machinations that go on to cause disappointment.

Astrological attributions of the 5 of Cups

The first or Ascendant decan of Scorpio is ruled by Mars from October 23rd-November 2nd

72 Names ruling 5 of Cups

LVV 42

PHL 115

Goetic Spirits of the Five of Cups


The 19th spirit is called Saleos, he is a great and mighty duke, & appeareth in [the] form of a gallant souldier, ridding on a Crocodile, wth a dukes crowne on his head peaceably he causeth ye love of women to men & men to women, he governeth 30 Legions of spirits his seal is this, wch must be worne before you.


The 20th spirit is called Purson a great king; he appeareth commonly like a man wth a Lyons face, carring a cruel viper in his hand, and ridding on a Bear goeing before him [are] many Trumpets sounding; he knoweth hidden things and can discover Treasures & tell all Things present past and to come; he can take a Body either humane or aiery, and answareth Truly of all Earthly Things, both secreet & devine, & of ye Creation of ye world, he bringeth forth good familiars, & under his government [power] are 22 Legions of spirits, partly of ye order of vertues & partly of ye order of Thrones, & his mark or seal is this, wch he oweth obediance to & [which] must be worne by ye Exorcist in [the] Time of acction.

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