08 The Chariot – Cheth – Cancer

Divinatory Meanings of the Chariot

The Chariot is about travel and control.

The Chariot in the Elemental Positions

Fire Position

Issues with travel or control, known or unknown that affects the client.

Water Position

Desire for travel or control.

Air Position

Avoidance of travel or control

Earth Position

Future travel or control.

The Chariot in the Hebrew Letters

Cheth is the 8th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, related to Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac. The Chariot. Cheth means a fence

  • Ch – Cancer
  • Y – Virgo
  • Th – Moon

The Moon rules Cancer

ChYTh 418

The Chariot and Astrology

Cancer, ruled by the Moon, and Mondays

Sartan SRTN 319

The Chariot in Liber 231

He rideth upon the chariot of eternity; the white and the black are harnessed to his car. Therefore he reflecteth the Fool, and the sevenfold veil is revealed.

The Chariot in the Enochian Watchtowers

Water Watchtower


8 Virooli: Controlling Dweller at the Threshold. Responsibilities, mature attitudes. Faith, hope, obedience. Protective relationship

Country: Greece

Agrippa: Saturn, Capricorn

Fire Watchtower


23 Todnaon: Transmutation, fulfilling wishes or ambitions. Light in the darkness. The burden of the Holy Graal

Country: Turkestan

Air Watchtower

17 TAN

50 Aydropt: Leadership in high projects. Magickal direction of human affairs. Adherence to dogma or tradition

Area: East Libya

Agrippa: Mercury, Gemini

Earth Watchtower

25 VTI

73 Mirzind: Power of casting Enchantments. Victory, success. Chain of command

Areas: Bosnia and Croatia

Agrippa: Venus, Libra

The Chariot and Individuation

Archetypes of The Chariot



The Alchemical stage that this Key represents is the Circulation process. This is when heat is applied to an alchemical apparatus containing liquid. The liquid is then circulated continuously until a state of Exaltation occurs. This Circulation is a process of Sublimation also, whem liquid is heated to a gaseous state. It then cools at the top of the Circulation vessel and returns to liquid once again. This key shows the rising Chariot through the vapour clouds like the rising Spirit


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