07 The Lovers – Zain – Gemini

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Divinatory Meanings of the Lovers

Choices, relationships, duality.

The Lovers in the Elemental Positions

Fire Position

A previous relationship known or unknown influencing the client for better or worse.

Water Position

Desire for relationships, making choices.

Air Position

Avoidance of relatinships, making choices.

Earth Position

Love or relationship coming, a time for making choices.

The Lovers and the Hebrew Alphabet

Zain is the letter of The Lovers, number 7, and Gemini.

  • Z – Gemini
  • Y – Virgo
  • N – Scorpio

This is the first letter composed of zodiac signs.

ZYN – 67

Zain means a sword.

Permutations of 67

The Star and The Lovers

The Lovers and Astrology



The Lovers in Liber 231

Here then beneath the winged Eros is youth, delighting in the one and the other. He is Asar between Asi and Nephthi; he cometh forth from the veil.

Powers of The Lovers in the Enochian Watchtowers

Water Watchtower


7 Samapha: Forming artificial elements. Works to aid others. An arranged marriage

Area: South East Iran

Agrippa: Mercury, Gemini

Fire Watchtower


22 Zamfres: Breaking a Magickal Link. Independence of environment or associates. Following intuition or inner voice

Area: North Iran

Agrippa: Mercury, Gemini

Air Watchtower

17 TAN

49 Sigmorf: Blessings. Devotion to tradition. Analysis followed by synthesis

Geography: Russian Georgia

Agrippa: Moon, Cancer

Earth Watchtower

24 NIA

72 Soageel: Bilocation, prophecy. Indecision, instability, superficiality

Area: South Iraq

Agrippa: Sun, Leo

The Lovers and Individuation

Archetypes of the Lovers



The Alchemical representation of this Key is that of a Separation process (in which the Soul is freed from its chains to the physical senses). The processes within this are Filtration and Distribution, precursors to Separation and Distillation. Separation is the dividing and separating of the pure from the impure. Looking at this Key one will find the Lovers ‘to be’ are separated and not united (as in some decks). The impurity, which in this instance is the sea Monster, must be removed before Andromeda can have her chains released and the Conjunction with Perseus can occur.


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05 – Nine of Disks: Collecting Wealth

Attributions of the Nine of Disks The Nine of Disks, Collecting Wealth Magical Image of the 9 of Disks In the second face of Virgo ascends a black man clothed with a skin, and a man having a bush of hair, holding a bag; they signify gain, scraping together of wealth...

06 – Ten of Disks: Transformation and Wealth

06 – Ten of Disks: Transformation and Wealth

Divinatory Meanings of the Ten of Disks Wealth Magical Image of the 10 of Disks In the third face of Virgo ascends a white woman and deaf, or an old man leaning on a staff; the signification of this is to shew weakness, infirmity, loss of members, destruction of...

07 – Two of Swords: Helping Weak in face of Evil

07 – Two of Swords: Helping Weak in face of Evil

Divinatory meanings of the 2 of Swords Peace Magical Image of the Two of Swords In the first face of Libra ascends the form of an angry man, in whose hand is a Pipe, and the form of a man reading in a book; the operation of this is in justifying and helping the...

08 – Three of Swords – Calmly facing Evil

08 – Three of Swords – Calmly facing Evil

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