06 The Hierophant – Vau – Taurus

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Divinatory meanings of the Hierophant

Stability, orthodoxy, the establishment, established religion.

The Hierophant in the elemental positions:

Fire Position

A situation relating to stability, the establishment etc that affects the client, known or unknown to her.

Water Position

Desire for marriage or stability.

Air Position

Avoidance of orthodox or stable situations. Need for rebellion.

Earth Position

Stability in the future.

The Hierophant and Astrology

Taurus – ShVR 506

The Hierophant in Hebrew letters

Vau is the 6th letter, associated with Taurus, a strong, reliable earthy sign. Vau means a nail, something that fixes things together. This is the second letter to be repeated:

  • V – Vau
  • V – Vau

Vau – 12 Permutations

  • The Universe and Hermit
  • Fortune and Lust
  • The Tower and The Chariot
  • The Emperor and the Lovers

The Hierophant in Liber 231

Also is the Star of the Flame exalted, bringing benediction to the universe.

The Hierophant in the Enochian Watchtowers

Water Watchtower


6 Dialiva: Astral travel, bilocation. Unmanifest love

Area: Asia Minor

Agrippa: Venus, Taurus

Air Watchtower

16 LEA

48 Sochial: Conversing with Higher Beings. Acuteness of intellect. Inspiration, teaching, organisation and discipline

Area: North Pole

Fire Watchtower


19 Opmacas: Solving problems. Occult research. Holy Guardian Angel. Uniting Above and Below

Area: West Sahara


Mars, Scorpio

Earth Watchtower

24 NIA

71 Chialps: The secret of physical strength. Endurance, work. Help from superiors

Country: Pakistan

Agrippa: Saturn, Capricorn

The Hierophant and Individuation

Archetypes of The Hierophant



The Alchemical Stage that this step represents is a Fixation state of the experiment. The stabilising or fixating of a volatile substance until it is no longer volatile and remains, permanent in the fire, to which it is gradually accustomed. This can happen through Calcination, Sublimation and Coagulation, or by adding a fixed sub- stance. This key, then, shows the stabilisation process through the dogma of religious ideals; the fixing of laws, ideals, society, beliefs etc., through its Taurean nature.


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