07 – Two of Swords: Helping Weak in face of Evil

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Divinatory meanings of the 2 of Swords


Magical Image of the Two of Swords

In the first face of Libra ascends the form of an angry man, in whose hand is a Pipe, and the form of a man reading in a book; the operation of this is in justifying and helping the miserable and weak against the powerful and wicked.

The polar opposites of an angry man versus a man reading a book, who of course needs peace to read.

Astrology of the Two of Swords

The First or Ascendant decan of Libra ruled by Venus from September 23rd – October 3rd

72 Names of 2 of Swords

YZL 47

MBH 47

Goetic Spirits of the Two of Swords


The 13 spirit is called Beleth, he is a mighty king and terrable, ridding on a pale horse wth Trumpets and all other kinds of Musicall Instruments playing before him, he is very furious at his first apperance That is whilest ye Exorcist allay his Courage, for to doe that, he must hold a hazel stick in his hand, streched forth towards ye South & East quarters making a Triangle without ye Circle, commanding him into it by ye vertue of ye Bonds & chaines of spirits hereafter following, & if he doe not come into ye triangle by your Threats, rehearse ye Bounds & chaines before him, and then he will yeild obediance and come into it and do what he is commanded by ye Eorcist [Exorcist], yet he must receive him courteously, because he is a great king & doe homage to him, as the kings and princes doe that attend him, and you must [also] have allwayes a silver Ring on the middle finger of the left hand, held against your face as they do for Amaimon, This king Beleth causeth all ye love that possible may be, both of Men and women till ye Master Eorcist [Exorcist] hath had his mind fullfilled &c. he is of the order of Powers and governeth 85 Legions of [102v] spirits, his Noble seal is this wch is to be worne before you in the Time of working.


The 14th spirit is called Leraye (or Leraje) [written intra linea]. he is a Marquize great in power shewing him selfe in ye likeness of an archer, cladd in green carring [carrying] a Bow and quiver, he causeth all great Battles & contests, & causeth ye wounds to putrifie that are [made] wth arrows by archers this belongeth to Sagittarius he governeth 30 Legions of spirits, & his seale of obediance is this.

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Insights of Death card in Therapy

Insights of Death card in Therapy

The Death card can mean a death or a transformation, but it is not always clear which. In this reading both meanings were applicable to the same situation.

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