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Twelve House Tarot Spread – Hindu or Western

The simplest form of the 12 house spread has one card in each place. The astrological attribution of the first card will represent the ascendant sign, so if it was the Lust card, then Leo would be the ascendant, and the 2nd house would be Virgo, 3rd would be Libra, and so on.

A more complex version has 3 cards on each place, so you can analyse them as mini three card spreads, that can also relate to the base element of the house.

12 Houses of the zodiac

The full range of cards is to deal the cards out in order the twelve bases. Houses 1-6 will have seven cards, while Houses 7-12 will have six cards. Each pile of cards is  paired and counted as in the Opening of the Key Spread.

Zodiac House characteristics

The Twelve houses tell us where the action is happening for all areas of life.

Use the information below as the basis of the astrological tarot spread.

1 Ascendant

Self, personality, physical body, appearance. Independent action

2 Finance

Finances, self-worth, resources (self-esteem, value systems, attitude to security, as well as possessions). Resources in terms of security, money, attitude of spiritual support.

3 Communication, travel, mind

Communications, local travel, relatives, speculation, logic, mental powers. Information coming from, and into, familiar areas. No surprises.

4 Imum Coeli

Home, houses, environment, old age. The physical body, the end of an issue.

5 Creativity, passion, love affairs

Creative expression, children, sports, romance, pregnancy, artistic pursuits.

6 Health, work

Health, employment, service, domestic routine, diet, breaking habits, duty.

7 Descendant – Partnerships

Partnerships, marriage, the public, business partners, open enemies, court cases.

8 – Death, legal, transformation

Joint finances, legalities, sex, death, legacies. Transformation, beginnings or endings. Birth. Money.

9 – Guru, Long Journeys

Higher education, religion, law, philosophy, social institutions, long journeys. Alien concepts. Books, publishing.

10 MC – Career, success

Prominence, career, honours, social standing – how the community sees you, mother.

11 – society, hope, technology

Hopes, fears, group aspirations, love received, friends, humanitarian endeavours

12 – Fears, Hidden things

Self-undoing, psychological health, subconscious mind, mystical inspiration, institutions, inhibitions, occult. Hidden things. Desire for retreat

Hindu or Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology understands the Houses in ways that show our understanding of Elemental Dignities.

Angular (Kendra): 1, 4, 7, 10

Angular are similar to Cardinal signs: sharp, energetic, decisive; power for accomplishing or achieving. These four relate Fire to the elements in the YHVH order (see table above). The strongest house is the 10th (Fire/Earth), then 7, 4, 1.

Succedent (Panapara): 2, 5, 8, 11

These are moderately strong houses about corresponding to the Fixed signs. They show the accumulation of resources, developing stability and reserves. Good for maintaining or developing things. The 5th is strongest (Fire/Fire), then 11, 2, 8.

Cadent (Apoklima): 3, 6, 9, 12

Weak, uncertain or hidden in action, similar to Mutable signs. Good for intelligence, mental sensitivity, adaptability, and spiritual development. Order of strength: 9 (Fire/Fire), 3, 6, 12. Note that in all three groups, Fire aspects are strongest.

Trine (Trikona): 1, 5, 9

Trine Houses are Fiery and optimistic. 9th is strongest.

Increasing (Upachaya): 3, 6, 10, 11

Planets in these houses grow in strength over time. Malefic planets do well in them. The 10th and 11th are strongest.

Decrease (Apachaya): 1, 2, 4, 7, 8

Here, planets grow weaker over time. The 8th (Fire/Water) is worst.

Weakened (Dusthana): 6, 8, 12

The 8th and 12th Houses are Fire/Water combinations. The 8th is the house of disease, injury, loss or death, while the 12th causes loss and sorrow

While there are significant differences between the two systems of houses, they are both based upon the four elements.

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