Four Elements Questions

Using Four Elements for insights into the nature of a question

The nature of the question is categorised into the one of the four elements. For more detail, understanding the nature of the question can aid in determining which elemental place to look at in a reading. This process is taken further into sub-divisions of an element.


Specific ideas that are manifested in the Earth Element. Theory, logic, abstract thoughts, expression of art, studies, writing, publishing, travel, sickness, death, problems, dissension, arguments.


Powers of the unconscious mind. Attunements with life. The water may be calm on the surface, but below there may be undercurrents. The emotions in relationships, love, healing, protection. Spiritual groups, psychic phenomena.


The concrete manifestation of events that started in the Fire element. Earth is passive and persistent, so it represents matters about building structures, the land, agriculture, the physical body, material matters. Also reproduction, stability, recreation, possessions, wealth, poverty and greed.


Fire is the initiator of actions, the beginning of the matter. Fire gives heat and energy – anything that requires action, sports, war, arguments, sex, self-motivation, enthusiasm, inspiration. Fire shows power struggles, strength, expression of freedom, meeting challenges. Fire is related to Atziluth, a high spiritual level.


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