Gurus and Karma

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Karma – what happens to it with your guru?

There are so many gurus now, – New Age, spiritual, Wiccan, occult, and magical – everyone and their dog can set themselves up as a guru. There are obvious dangers for the students, who often have no idea about the competency and capabilities of the person they are entrusting to. There is a lot of abuse, financially and sexually, not to mention intrusion into personal aspects that disrupt friends and family.

However, this is not my point, for when Gurus get beyond the basics of spiritual instruction, they enter an area of true teaching, which few can ever do. Many students are protected precisely because most gurus are not that talented, which sounds bizarre unless you are aware of what really happens.

The truth is that when a guru really starts to teach spiritual and occult secrets to a student, then the guru takes on the karma of that student. This can happen irrespective of time or space = it is possible that neither are aware of each other, but still the karmic responsibilities have been transferred. If you are the Guru who enjoys the power trip of getting involved your student’s life without the responsibility, beware, for you cannot escape.

Fortune-tellers, tarot readers, psychics and clairvoyants are also caught up in the snare. You have no idea what you are really taking on.

Gurus who teach healing in some form will take on the sins of their students, whether of commission or omission until the student becomes a master in the own right.

In other words, the dilettante psychic, healer, clairvoyant, guru, or whatever word you used, will be randomly taking on the past karmas and sins of their clients without ever resolving them. I see so many tarot readers and psychics who do readings for clients without ever resolving their own issues, let alone the issues of their clients, who are unable to escape from the problems. It’s a scary problem.

In the early days of learning with Punditt Maharaj nearly every reading would be about a particular issue, which baffled me until I could deal with it, and as soon as I did, the very next client would exhibit another problem, and nearly every client thereafter, until I could handle that, and so on. This went on for years, and finally I got out of that scenario. This is how real teachers teach, and take on their student’s karma.

Another aspect is that however well advanced the teacher, they can only move as fast as the karma of their students permits.

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  1. xi ju

    WHAT is the scriptural basis for your saying “The truth is that when a guru really starts to teach spiritual and occult secrets to a student, then the guru takes on the karma of that student. ” I have NEVER come across that in any Vedantic or Vedic original sources. And I don’t even think it is possible. A karmic bond, sure, but taking on another’s karma – no.

    • Paul

      Experience does not require scriptural basis


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