Holy Guardian Angel and Tarot Experiences

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Experience of the initiating energy of the Holy Guardian Angel in the Thoth Tarot are happening to Tarot readers, so it is time to explore this phenomenon.

What is this different energy? It is the manifestation of a powerful current of initiating energy from the HGA. Now there is nothing scary in this, as when it appears, the tarot readings are enhanced, and there is greater rapport between reader and client.

Significantly experiences of this energy is irrespective of the order of the cards, and it is not related to any particular card. Why is this? It is time to look closer at the HGA and Tarot. Early on, Aleister Crowley found the gematria of Aiwass to be 78, significant in Tarot of course, and of MZLA the influence of the zodiac. At this point everyone references Kether on the Tree of Life, but the power of this current is magnified when the structure of the Tree of Life is entirely omitted from the equation.

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is there not to add spirituality, but to act as a brake to spiritual progress. It is like riding a top of the range Harley Davidson motorbike wearing a seat-belt – not cool and not safe. Seat belts are a safety feature when used inside car or other enclosed vehicle.

Later Crowley found two other numbers relating to Aiwass; 93 the number of Love, and 418, all important in Thelemic theology and Liber AL, which I am not going to discuss here – it is not necessary for this essay.

The Odyssey of viewing the 78 cards of the Thoth Tarot in the light of Aiwass is a process I am only at the threshold of, but there are a few pointers which I will share with you.

Not surprisingly The Fool represents your HGA, so wherever he appears  in the Opening of the Key tarot spread indicates where the spiritual work/transformation or inspiration is taking place. As Aleph, the Mother Letter in the Sepher Yetsirah, we also need to look at the two other Mother Letters, Mem and Shin, which are The Hanged Man and Aeon respectively. The Hanged Man (according to Kenneth Grant Aiwass has a watery connection) shows where something or someone has to be left behind, while the Aeon is the function of time. There are deeper issues associated with these cards, but this is enough to get you started on your journey with your own Holy Guardian Angel.

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