28 – Five of Disks – Preparation

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Divinatory meanings of the Five of Disks


Magical Image of the 5 of Disks

In the first face of Taurus ascends a naked man, an Archer, Harvester or Husbandman, and goes forth to sow, plough, build, people, and divide the earth, according to the rules of Geometry.

We see this card as loss, but Picatrix shows a skilled man who is preparing the land and people for something better, but maybe they do not have the vision or patience to see what he is doing.

Astrological attributions of Five of Disks

The first or Ascendant decan of Taurus is ruled by Mercury from April 20th-30th.

72 Names ruling 5 of Disks

MBH 47

PVY 96

Goetic Spirits of 5 of Disks


The 55th spirit is called Orobas, he is a mighty great prince, appearing at first like a horse, But afterwards at ye command of ye Exorcist he putteth on ye Image of a man, his office is to discover, all Things past, present & to come and to give dignities & places & ye favour of friends & foes, he giveth true answares of divinity & of ye Creation of ye world, he is faithfull to ye Exorcist & will not suffer him to be Tempted by any [108v] spirit he governeth 20 Legions of spirits, his seal is this, wch must be made & worne as a Lamin &c.


The 56 spirit is called Gemory, he is a strong and powerfull duke appearing in The forme of a Beautifull woman, wth a Dutches [Duchess] Crownett Tyed about her middle, ridding on a great Camell, his office is to tell of all Things past present & to come, and of Treasure hidden and wt it layeth in, & procureth ye love of women, both young & old, he governeth 26 Legions of spirits, his seal is Thus made, & worne as a Lamin before ye Exorcist in [the] Time of working.

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Insights of Death card in Therapy

Insights of Death card in Therapy

The Death card can mean a death or a transformation, but it is not always clear which. In this reading both meanings were applicable to the same situation.

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