23 – Nine of Cups: Desire for High Matters

Divinatory meanings of Nine of Cups


Magical image of 9 of Cups

In the second face of Pisces ascends a woman of a good countenance, and well adorned; and the signification is to desire and put ones self on about high and great matters:

The sense of happiness is seen in the woman elevating herself above matters.

Astrological attributions of 9 of Cups

The second faceĀ  of Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, rules from February 29th -March 10th

72 Names ruling 9 of Cups

SAL 91

ORY 280

Goetic Spirits of the Nine of Cups


The 45 spirit is called Vine, he is a great king & an Earle, & appeareth in ye forme of a Lyon ridding on a Black horse wth a viper in his hand his office is to discover Things hidden, witches, and Things present past & to come. he, at ye command of ye Exorcist, will build Towers, Throw down great stone walls, make waters rough wth stormes &c, he governeth 35 Legions of spirits, his seal is this, wch make and wear as a Lamin &c..


The 46th spirit is called Bifrons, he is an Earle and appeareth in ye forme of a Monster at first but after a while at ye command of ye Exorcist he putteth on ye shape of a man, his office is to make one knowing in Astrology & geomitry & other arts & siences, & Teacheth ye vertues of all hearbs, precious stones & woodes, he changeth ye dead Bodyes & putteth Them into one another [anothers’] places, & lighteth candeles seemingly upon ye graves of ye dead he hath under his command 6 Legions of spirits, his seal is this, wch he will owne and submit unto &c.


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