A Phantom Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is a common question in tarot readings. Reading in groups of three cards and using elemental dignities we are in a better position to answer.

The Empress is always a sign of domesticity, the mother, nurturing, caring, and providing for her children. Ace of Cups is also a sign of fertility, while the Three of Cups, Abundance, is all about happy expectations  – parties, celebrations, retail therapy, and yes pregnancy.

Individually, all three cards are indicators of pregnancy, and collectively, they make a powerful unmistakeable signal.

Pregnancy and Elemental Dignities

The two cups cards are water, while The Empress is Venus, which like all the planetary cards does not have an elemental attribution. Water is passive and represents emotions, feelings, the imagination, fertility.

It takes two to tango

While the Cups are good signs with the Empress, the absence of the other elements, Fire, Air and Earth is a concern. Does the client want only a daughter? The lack of Fire, action is worrying. Is the question simply wishful thinking? No Air also suggests a lack of thought or thinking going on. Absent Earth signifies an absence of practicality.https://www.instagram.com/p/BnyPeRrjAV5/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

While the combination of these three cards is a good sign for pregnancy, alarm signals will be going on in mind of the concientious Tarot Reader.

Is this a phantom pregnancy? Does the woman have a partner? Is she simply desperate to get pregnant  without consideration to the father? Could it be IVF? For an older woman, these are signs of desperation. Or, it could be a woman who is desperate for her daughter to have a baby so she can be a grandmother.

It could also be a mature woman who is desperate to know if her aging daughter will ever have a child, irrespective of whether her daughter is in a relationship or not.

What about the man?

So far we have considered these three cards from the feminine perspective, but what if the client is a man? He probably has an idealised view of women, particularly his mother. He may wall idolise his mother or have many feminine characteristics, or be gay. There is a huge emotional attachment that has so far been unrealised, and he may be unable to form a healthy relationship with a woman.

While the combination of these three cards does indicate a pregnancy or bith, we have to take into account the age, relationship status, and sex of the client when answering this tricky question.

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