12 – Seven of Cups: Drunk, Sex, Violence

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Divinatory meanings of the 7 of Cups


Magical Image of the Seven of Cups

In the third face of Scorpio ascends a man bowed downward upon his knees, and a woman striking him with a staff, and it is the signification of drunkenness, fornication, wrath, violence, and strife.

Drunkenness and fornication coupled with the corruptibility of Venus and sexuality of Scorpio leaves only the violence and strife omitted from most divinatory meanings.

Astrological Attributions of the 7 of Cups

The third or Cadent decan of Scorpio is ruled by Venus from November 12th-21st

72 Names ruling 7 of Cups

MLH 75

ChHV 19

Goetic Spirits of the Seven of Cups


The 23d spirit is called Aim, a greatt duke and strong, he appeareth in ye forme of a very handsome man in Body, [but] wth 3 heads, The first like a serpent ye second like a man wth 2 starrs in his forehead, The Third [head] is lik [sic] a Catt; he rideeth on a viper, carring a fire brand in his hand burning, whereth [wherewith] he sets Citties Castles & great places on fire he maketh one witty [in] all manner of wayes, and giveth true answares to privy matters, he governeth 26 Legions of Infernall spirits; his seal is thus to be made, and worne as a Lamen before you.


The 24th spirit is called Naberius, he is a most valliant Marquiz, & appeareth in ye forme of a Black Crow, fluttering about the Circle, & when he speaketh it is with a hoarse voice; he maketh men cunning in all arts & siences, but especially in ye art [of] Rhetoric; he restoreth lost dignity and honours, & governeth 19 Legions of spirits his seal is this, wch must be worne.

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Insights of Death card in Therapy

Insights of Death card in Therapy

The Death card can mean a death or a transformation, but it is not always clear which. In this reading both meanings were applicable to the same situation.

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