Starseed symptoms

by Nov 7, 2015

Knowing starseed symptoms of clients help tarot readers when they come for a tarot reading. Tarot readers who are not starseed will struggle with these concepts, while starseed tarot readers will find they are not alone, and they will understand why the traditional methods of tarot readings do not work for them. Working with starseed clients is a total joy – the spiritual energies are amazing and always different, inspiring and educational.

Traditional Tarot readings

Before we go deeper into the starseed symptoms, we need to look at the traditional view of tarot readings.

The main subjects of tarot  readings are about love, work, health, career, travel and relationships, where the clients are fatalistic, and they want to know what is happening. The clients always try to fit into society, and they hate change. In general, traditional tarot readings enforce the reassuring perception that things will not change.

Starseed Tarot readings

By contrast tarot readings for starseeds  is all about energy, change, inner perceptions. and inner-directedness. Many starseeds who come to me have only just had the awakening, for there is a point in their life when they transition from the kind of life described by traditional tarot readings into the new awareness, and they need reassurance. The transition or awakening can be triggered by an event in their life, or they began to think differently and look at life differently.

One easy way to know is if the client does not represent the usual demographic, or they have never had a tarot reading in their life – something has changed. Starseed clients exhibit a lack of interest – they do not know why they are no longer motivated, and they wonder what is wrong with them. The truth is of course that nothing is wrong – the paradigm has changed.

Motivation: light or heavy as truth or lies

A quick tip for this apparent lack of motivation is to understand that previously intensity was used as a means of knowing whether to do something, but going by intensity gets you into trouble. Intensity is heavy, feeling constricted, and heaviness is an excellent indicator of a lie. Now truth is experienced as lightness and expansion, which can easily be misidentified as lack of interest or motivation.

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