01 The Fool – Air

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The Fool – Beginnings

As Air, the Fool is dualistic, including polarities or opposites such as Good/Bad, Up/Down etc.

Divinatory Meanings

The Fool presages the beginning of the individuation process. A step into the unknown from the safety and security of the family background. 


The Fool represents an exchange of energy – the balancing force of giving and receiving energy.

Fire Position

A new beginning or sudden change known or unknown.

Water Position

Desire for a new beginning or excitement.

Air Position

Avoidance of a new start or beginning. Avoiding sudden or unexpected change

Earth Position

Full manifestation of sudden change or new beginnings from an unexpected source.

The Fool Attributions


The Fool – Aleph

An ox. A thousand.

  • Aleph
  • Lamed
  • Peh

Aleph 111

Thick darkness. wonder. Vomit. Veil. Number of Squares in the magic square of the Sun.

The Fool in Liber 231

A, the heart of IAO, dwelleth in ecstasy in the secret place of the thunders.
Between Asar and Asi he abideth in joy.

The Fool and the Hebrew Alphabet

Aleph – an Ox

  • A Air
  • L Libra
  • P Venus

Aleph means an ox, and it is related to Air. We begin with the polarity of Air and Earth (the Ox), balanced with the L of Libra, which is ruled by Venus P, and is of course an Air sign.

The combination is harmonious and powerful – no wonder we see the figure leaping into the air – he really is flying, untrammelled by encumbrances, but this can go on for only short period of time. The feeling of elation and lightness will soon be replaced by black heaviness as the tasks of individuation are about to be revealed.

Crowley identifies a number of Dual Gods

Powers of The Fool in the Enochian Watchtowers

Water Watchtower


1 Occodon: Understanding, courage, joy of spirit. Fool for love, or a publication of love

Country: Egypt

Agrippa: Mercury, Gemini

Angelic King: Zarzilg

Air Watchtower

15 OXO

43 Tahando: Establishing unity. Divine madness, transcending reason

Country: Mongolia

Angelic King: Zarzilg

 Earth Watchtower

22 LIN

66 Calzirg: Divination. Foolish actions, for gain or loss

Country: North Syria

Agrippa: Mars, Aries

Angelic King: Arfaolg

Fire Watchtower


16 Saxtomp: Works of fulfilment and equilibrium. New sowing, transcending time. Beginning of the Great Work. The Holy Fool. The descent of the Holy Spirit when there is balance.

Country: East Algeria

Agrippa: Moon, Cancer

Angelic King: Gebabel


The Alchemical stage that this card represents is Separation. This is the process where the the vital components of the Animal, Vegetable and Mineral kingdoms are individualised and isolated from each other. The First of the three divisions is Mercury, which represents the Spirit. The Separation Process actually involves numerous other steps and is the concept of identifying and controlling each of the three vital component parts of alchemy.

Pat Zalewski

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