Paul’s Tarot Book Club

The Thoth Tarot is beautiful – so many of my clients comment on this, but how easy is it to really understand what Aleister Crowley and Frieda Harris were up to?

The accompanying book (The Book) is deeply frustrating for a number of reasons. For a start it was written long before the accepted format for tarot books had been established, and it is difficult to find things.

I have read The Book hundreds of times (and yes, it sat on my shelf for over 2 years before I could open it…), and I still struggle to find what I am looking for.

The flip side is that I am forever discovering new nuggets and insights that had passed me by so many times before.

Yes, there are books that are helpful to the reader, but they do this by ignoring so much and reformatting what is left in a modern format.

Writing a Guide to the Book of Thoth is not easy – I tried many times!

Instead of another guide, Paul’s Tarot Book Club will take you on the journey, where you can ask questions, and share your insights and tricks for Mastery of the Tarot.


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