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Learning to read the opening of the Key Video series

This series of videos goes through the stages of learning the tarot. Beginners as well as advanced tarot readers will gain from the knowledge here.

My overview of the tarot reading demonstrating techniques

I demonstrate reading the tarot using card counting and elemental relationships. In the following videos I go back over the techniques so you can use them for yourself.

How to read the Tarot using only the backs!

I demonstrate how it is possible to start reading the tarot  before you turn them over! Using the Opening of the Key spread the relative heights of the piles and their elemental values tell the reader a lot about what is happening in the life of the client. First, I show the difference between positional and sequential spreads, then I show how to

Demonstration of reading the top cards of the Opening of the Key Spread

The top cards of the four piles in the Opening of the Key Spread give you the overview of the reading. I demonstrate how to put together the meaning of the cards, their element in relationship to the element of each pile, to the element of the next card. I also demonstrate how to use the astrological attributions to specify when the events happen, and make a prediction on the outcome.

Are reversed cards important?

Reversed tarot cards are important in positional spreads, but when read in a sequence they represent something more sophisticated, more useful, as I demonstrate.

Elemental strengths and weaknesses

Using Elemental Dignities the relative strengths and weaknesses of the tarot can be used to understand the situations they represent in a reading.

Analysing the elements in a Tarot string

The distribution and relative numbers of the four elements in a string  are a good way to start the analysis of a string.

Card counting from the top card in a string

Card counting helps the reader to build a ‘story’ about what is happening, or what the client is doing in their life. The first stage of card counting is to start with the top card of a string, in this case the 9 of Wands on the Water or Desire pile.

Elemental Analysis of the Earth String

After analysing the Water Pile, it is time to look at the outcome or future cards, using elemental dignities. As I analyse the tarot I show how the court cards in the Earth string are related to the Desires or Water string, so you can see how the situation is developing.

Reading Court Cards using counting

Many tarot readers, including tarot teachers, find the court cards very difficult to read, but the counting technique makes it very easy, as I demonstrate with the Queen, Prince and Princess of Cups in the Water or Emotions pile, with the 9 of Wands on top. You will see how these courts interact with each other, and how their relationship to each other changes.

Counting from the Major Arcana

The counting for the Major Arcana uses astrology: it depends on whether the arcana is related to zodiac signs – count 12, the planets – count 9, or the three ‘Mother Letters’ Fool, Hanged Man and Judgment or Aeon, which count 3. I demonstrate the counting using the Future or Outcome string with the Devil on top.

Final Stage: Counting from other cards and Summary

Rounding up the card counting for the Future pile with the Devil on top.

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