13 The Hanged Man – Mem – Water

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The Hanged Man Divinatory Meanings

Sacrifice, loss. Suspension, waiting. Diving into the unconscious.

Divinatory Meanings of the Hanged Man in the Elemental Positions

Fire Position

Unconscious effects influencing the current situation.

Water Position

Desire for exploration of unconscious aspects

Air Position

Avoidance of unconscious aspects.

Earth Position

Upcoming suspension or loss. Upwelling of unconscious energies.

The Knowing Field, the place of Constellations

The dark place of unresolved issues. Dealing with what is there. A phenomenological approach to exploration.

The place where contsellations and entanglements are investigated and dealt with.

The Hanged Man and Hebrew Letter

Hebrew Letter – Mem

  • M – Water
  • Y – Virgo
  • M – Water

Mem means water, value 40.

Mem – 40

Rope, draw, lift out. To tear into pieces. Secret. Bring forth.

Permuations of Mem

The Hermit, Justice

The Hanged Man in Astrology

MYM – 90


The Star

Permutations of Mem

  • The Hermit, The Empress
  • The Sun, The Devil
  • Justice, Art
  • The Hanged Man, Death

The Hanged Man in Liber 231

Then the holy one appeared in the great water of the North; as a golden dawn did he appear, bringing benediction to the fallen universe.

Powers of The Hanged Man in the Enochian Watchtowers

Water Watchtower


13 Lazdixi: Grail consecration. Martyrdom and loss

Country: Afghanistan

Agrippa: Venus, Libra

Fire Watchtower

11 ICH

33 Ponodol: Levitation, teleportation. Passing barriers and obstacles. Redemption through sacrifice. Annihilation of self in the beloved

Area: South Turkey

Agrippa: Jupiter, Pisces

Air Watchtower

19 POP

55 Torzoxi: Practical wisdom. Austere works. Torment, reversal

Area: East Romania

Agrippa: Mars, Aries

Earth Watchtower

26 DES

78 Bazchim: The Great Work, Talismans, Crystal-gazing. Suspension, death, suffering

Area: South Turkey

Agrippa: Jupiter, Pisces

Jungian Archetype

The Deluge

The Hanged Man and Individuation

Water is primary symbol of the unconscious, hence the inversion of the man in traditional designs.



The Alchemical stage that this Key represents is Cohobation, a final step after Purification. Like the other two main stages on this level, Cohobation has a number of minor stages included in its terms of reference. Basically though it refers to successive distillations which has the effect of purifylng Sulphur, Salt and Mercury and bringing it to the required vibrational rate. This is shown pictorially by the figure of the Hanged Man who is totally submerged in water, with a faint glow emanating from his head. The figure of the man represents the three essences of Mercury, Sulphur and Salt in the form of Spirit, Soul and Body respectively (its true associations). The figure in Key 12 is subjected to rising and falling tides, which provide the effect of Cohobation. On another level it represents the Salt which is the Body


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